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    Wow very sad to hear this.My condolences go out to the family.
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  4. Oh goodness, what a dreadful thing hear. I obviously never knew him except for through this forum, but I'll miss his constant presence here. RIP HSMagnet
  5. DHGreeny


    I'm deeply saddened about the news, I've known HSMagnet here for many years. He was like a rock to PBBANs, it's hard to know how to fill such a huge hole that has been left behind without having him around. A great mentor, dedicated staff member and a great guy, It really is the end of an era. His legacy will live on...................... He will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences go out to his friends and family at this difficult time.
  6. MaydaX


    2020 has been a difficult year for many and sadly it has hit someone in our community. HSMagnet who joined the PBBans community in 2008 suddenly passed away on Sunday. He devoted countless hours helping keep our community running and served as a valued staff member for over 4 years. He will be dearly missed. We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family during this time. His family has setup a gofundme page for anyone that wishes to help. https://www.gofundme.com/f/jeff039s-funeral-and-end-of-life?sharetype=teams&member=5789784
  7. Will you please contact me privately?  I sent a steam request and you can contact me through here if there is a private way or my email.  I have some news you should know.

  8. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  9. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  10. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  11. Help me friend. We has a server Pending Admin Approval too.
  12. Seems the API had a small glitch which should be fixed now. The theme is a bit different and the fonts have changed based on what the default skin had.
  13. Is it because I'm running firefox that the news isn't showing up on the main page anymore? Also the theme for the forum seems to be different as well, like the css even and odd child you used to have and the fonts looks different.
  14. Our forum is now running IPB 4.5. There shouldn't be too many bugs from the update. I will fix them as I find them.
  15. "After amassing a whopping 75 million player community, Rocket League is going free-to-play this summer. Following the acquisition by Epic Games, Rocket League’s release on the Epic Games Store will coincide with the free update. The game will no longer be available for download on Steam, but anyone who already owns the game can continue playing on that platform. Players will be able to keep all current Rocket League items when the game goes free to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch." https://www.rocketleague.com/free-to-play/ epic exclusive i think
  16. what is the exact message? it should include an 8 character alphanumeric GUID and the player name also if you used the same email, the new account is tied to the old
  17. Hello my Ea name is : ByChris66 i was play on my Old Origin Account ByChris26 And I got Kicked From Server but i dont know why? than i retry to join the Server and Got a Punkbuster BAN so but i dont hack or any other .... so I Make a Fresh Origin Accoutn And Buy Me A new Bf4 License than i Start the Game start teh Recording and Get Banned after play A Server like 12 Seconds? Why I get banend i just pay Money For the Game soo i want Play The Game. Pls tell me How I can get an Unban for My bf4 .? The VIdeo File ist 363mb big i cant upload it here.
  18. they are back, at least the website is responding
  19. eh o queeee


    1. theinvisible58




  20. Hello & thank you will do that asap, Cheers
  21. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-hosts-file-blocking-telemetry-is-now-flagged-as-a-risk/ Windows 10: HOSTS file blocking telemetry is now flagged as a risk
  22. @Antoux you may add Canonballz to the team via the ACCcp button at the top of most pages be sure to go into the permissions menu and give them appropriate admin rights
  23. thanks HSMagnet & Thanks Antoux, hope it works this time Best Regards
  24. I understand :) thank you for your feedback
  25. thanks for for that. you have no idea how many people become enraged and just leave after the first try.
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