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  4. be sure you are not calling for PBSS too often. that will definitely cause issues
  5. it is possible it does not like running with so many other game instances the engine for CoD games was added to for each version and there are things in there from the original version cluttering up the code
  6. The problem was the preconfigured cfg i used out of the internet. But also with a fresh .cfg CoD5 WaW is very instable in compare to cod2 & cod4, and it still keeps crashing sometimes for no visible reason. I tried EU and US Version of the dedicated server/game.
  7. if epic gives in, they really are epicfail i already refuse to buy anything on their platform
  8. CU - DizzyKipper

    Fortnite Player Banned For Life Wants Account Reinstated

  9. courtneyted

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    After the new update, the game crashes over and over again. I get about a minute into a match, and it crashes still: black screen, right to the desktop, no error message. Is my computer coming to its ending? By the way, I'm finding an alternative to COD MW but on the Android phone, any recommendations? I've tried the Call of Duty: Mobile on Apknite, but it's not good to spend time.
  10. LOL...https://www.yahoo.com/news/top-fortnite-team-faze-clan-204637334.html
  11. you cannot change it. delete it

    enter the new server with correct IP: port

  12. How do I change the IP for my server. acct. # 50 new IP is

    1. HSMagnet


      you cannot change it. delete it

      enter new server with correct IP:port

  13. I was about to start a lawsuit against apathy then I realised it wasn't mean't as someones alias Thanks to everyone who has donated and is continuing to do so in order to keep our great community alive
  14. No thanks needed. THANK YOU!
  15. thanks very much, both of you you guys are the reason i am still here banging my head against the wall. proves that it wouldn't take much to insure the goal was met. if only it wasn't the very few keeping us afloat thank you both
  16. CU - DizzyKipper

    Where are donors? What happened to the 'good intentions'?

    Thank you Redkilla, although I think that might be in with November's given the amount raised for this month. I'm currently donating $30 plus topping it up to $150 total, at the end of every month. That is the bare minimum to function. So it's usually about $70 a month. Since the subscription started I've donated $1486 on behalf of my clan. Am I rich? Not at all. I work part-time from home due to my own health issues, and $70 equivalent is a big deal. Still, I can't let PBBans sink. Some will think 'I don't need to bother if someone else is doing it', and they should be ashamed. I want to be able to check players if I need to. No cheaters in my clan. PBBans is, collectively, a huge piece of work. People give up their time to help you - I think HSMagnet lives here, in the forum. The databases must be huge. So many people stream and are content to let other people pick up the slack. Not good enough in my eyes.
  17. Correction!!! Donation goal met.. I covered the rest,
  18. i guess we may be at the end of days
  19. dropped my $5 i wish i was able to do more and subscribe. fixed income/disabled and i still donate when i can. i really cannot wrap my head around communities that do not care about keeping their servers clean
  20. apathy has long stalked the anti-cheat community $5.00 is the default minimum on the donate page
  21. CU - DizzyKipper

    Where are donors? What happened to the 'good intentions'?

    Any update on the $5 minimum? Pretty sure I knocked it into 3 figures or it was when i donated. 5 donations later and it's $115 dollars. Still. I'm not knocking those people who have donated, but if we made the minimum $5 wouldn't that be more sensible? It's a month worth of access isn't it? (I think). That could equate to hours of using the MPI with unfettered access. Looking up your ancestry etc is buying credits. 5 credits used per seach... Searching MBI fo $1 for a month, unlimited, seems a bit too cheap to me. Edit: in 2009 Fozzer said "Some months its a close run thing to balance the books, but we have achieved a completely ad free environment for over 5 years and as long as our supporters keep us afloat with donations thats the way it will stay." I don't know how many page views this site gets, it might be worth going down the 'ugly route' and looking at a served advert(s).
  22. CU - DizzyKipper

    How about that...bang on 10K Maydax...

  23. MaydaX

    How about that...bang on 10K Maydax...

    Too late, 10,001 now
  24. CU - DizzyKipper

    How about that...bang on 10K Maydax...

    It does mean he can never post again, or he'll spoil it
  25. HSMagnet

    How about that...bang on 10K Maydax...

  26. Violation and PunkBuster Errors
    Date Violation or Error
    Oct 15, 2019
    Viol #83019

    Violation (GAMEHACK) #83019
    mercury462 (
    *WBKS* (


    Hello, which means exactly this message, and besides it says that I am not banned globally, but my guid still goes on your list ?

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