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  4. Hello! I come from Taiwan, My Battlefield 4 server was launched a long-term DDoS attack by the racial hatred Platoons from China, Just because I am from Taiwan, and these people also attacked other Asian servers and verbal bullying. In the end, these people also made several server providers abandon the Asian market, Just because of China's special judicial environment, no one can take any legal action or even report to the Chinese police, because when you report, you are the perpetrator. But we have sufficient clues and the actual motives of these people. We ca
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  6. Try and join a server through battlelog, you should get the full kick message then post it here.
  7. hi, i just installed BF4 and decided to play online ,after 2 minutes i got kicked from the server and had this message " you have been kicked by PunkBuster" i have this message every time i try to enter a server . I'm seeking for help because i can only play campain and i don't know why i got banned knowing that i never cheated and just installed the game. thank you.
  8. I will be back gaming… soon. If you all don’t remember or need an intro.. Howdy! I’m Chaos, I used to be a Full SGA for several years until I left due to school and internships in the mid of the last decade. In the past several years, I graduated from college after seven years (woooo) and been working, living, and playing in the mountains in Utah, USA! During that stretch, the laptop I had is now dead. It crashes after booting it up after five minutes. The last time I did anything on it was in July 2018. I had an ROG G73Jh and recently bought a 2021 ROG Scar
  9. I've been playing bf4 from 2017 in 2018 i got banned for no reason from PBBans I've tried appealing it many times but it gives me a message "An appeal has already been made on this GUID" and thats from 2018.... im haydartaleb14 on battlelog for stats
  10. So sad to see his passing. I was wondering where he has been. Now I know. I don't host servers anymore but still stop in here when I can.
  11. After 1500 hours of playing, i'm still in love with this game :)
  12. Hi everyone, someone has a Battlefield 3 server list for me? I only find servers with no players
  13. static void Main(string[] args)
                DateTime date = DateTime.Now;
  14. good afternoon, my respects to all I have a problem since a long time ago I cannot enter battlefield 4 it tells me that I have been banned I contacted ea game in chat and they suggested that I ticked punkbuster, I did it but they did not answer me, it is the only game that has given me that problem recently, I installed it again to see if it was an error but the problem continues I explain, I do advertising gameplay for ea game for the new games that will come, I can't understand why that happened to me I already did all the repair protocol, check the registry and the problem continues
  15. Same thing happened to me... Back in October 2020. I don't even now how to cheat, let alone even want to. Im all for getting rid of cheaters but I didn't even cheat...
  16. Please remove the ban, because I never cheat. Username: klenovitsnorbert I wrote a request to the Evenbalance (trouble ticket) but they do not deal with the matter. Please help with this. https://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/update_ticket.php?ticketnumber=EB6119001008537&password=2ecd85dd2a025cb873488a7ffcc1cc&special_message=new_ticket
  17. Hi! Please help me add my server for full streaming, thank you in advance!

  18. Already done. No effect. Please check it on your site. This must be also the reason that NO ONE is Streaming CoD5.
  19. Streaming to PBBans alone shouldn't cause an issue because all a game server does is send logs to us. If a file named pbns.dat file exists in the PB directory you can try deleting it and restarting pb.
  20. * And tested it with German & US Version of the game.
  21. @[email protected]@MaydaX Guys guys guys ...... i found out it definily has to do with the player checks of the server and PBBans ..... As example after next round has started the session is the problem Server: Updating session (180004ms) The timeout is always with pbbhub3-3 i also enabled all the debug logging and its always the player check request that times out Seems that the cod5 server and PBBans taking to much time for checking the player stuff. Or your servers refusing it ?! Thats also the reason my server is t
  22. good day! during the game, this message appeared. Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'flyer912' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN be50f1d9 How to cure it, to whom to turn? Technical support is silent. What is the reason for the ban? After all, I have never used cheat codes, I just wonder if you pay money for the game, and get an illegal ban as a result
  23. i have a person with a possible cheat can you check him out for me, in game name is . ProCheetoMuncher
  24. Me pasa exactamente igual
  25. Sorry that i bump up this old one here but .... i recognized that there is no additional PB folder inside the mods directory so when you start a server with different Port but same directory as the others and with a mod .... how does PBBans/PunkBuster deal with it ? Does it matter ? Or is 1x seperated installation per mod better ? So they have also seperated PB folders ?
  26. No point in adding another ucon profile since a server owner has to update the server config anyway. I'm not sure if the ggc data even exists anymore. If I had it their ban lists then I could add them to the ebl for those who want to use it.
  27. You can pickup the whole service or integrate it into yours. (common just ask them....) (so server owners keep on streaming to GGC but your the new service/site holders) or you integrate it directly into the Banflags section ? Or you just add another socket for pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pb.ba.ns.ip" "ggc" "bc2" (okay IP must be changed in pbsv.cfg so or so) But the most important thing is to use their detection engine and past bans etc. ... I dont see any problem just the chance to unify two services to one great service ! Dont miss this chance !
  28. i fix it for my self so now i can play but thanks for the answer who not will answer lol
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