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  3. MaydaX

    Denuvo Anti-Cheat

  4. what master server is it posted to? i don't even know if it is still up. CoD:WaW died pretty fast
  5. unless java is enabled, you will not. you can disable it again after.
  6. But none of my other servers has issues, CoD2, CoD4 running well.
  7. possibly server is not communicating to master server properly?
  8. Hello, may servers running all well, but i have issues with CoD5. Sometimes i get kicked from my server with this message cl_CGameNeedsServer Command Server Console shows this: G_FreeEntity: Player 2 is being freed. 2:PlayerName EXE_DISCONNECTED Any idea what this is and how to fix ?
  9. Are you still around, Nick?

  10. Earlier
  11. My Application is Pending, please check. Thank you. BestNoob
  12. HSMagnet

    Agreeing to stream

    well, to be honest, an active forum is part of the requirements please read the items in the link below
  13. http://teamdfekt.clanservers.com/ It should be up and running now
  14. HSMagnet

    Agreeing to stream

    first link is dead
  15. I'd like to request for full streaming admin. I'm now a streaming lite admin Website : http://teamdfekt.clanservers.com Memberlist : http://teamdfekt.clanservers.com/roster.htm AAPG Server IP :
  16. Got the email so I could go full stream but whenever I click on the link it's a 404 error. I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO TERMS!
  17. HSMagnet

    Open streaming list for everyone

    no. that is one way cheaters get information. we have a strict vetting policy for this very reason. go through the process on a game that is supported to get a better idea what you/we are up against
  18. HSMagnet

    PBBans Offline file for Crysis ?

    actually, several games have the empty server bug. thus, another reason for the large number of discontinued games
  19. Benway

    Please give us Offline List

    No. i suggest you first start to stream a server for an actually supported game and do some reading inside the streaming admin forums section - to get a grip on what you are actually talking about. BF4 or Cod4 should be no problem, just forget crysis (see my other post -->quote) https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html
  20. Benway

    PBBans Offline file for Crysis ?

  21. Hello, i really really dislike cheaters ;D and i do not want them on my servers, they were the reason so much servers are down in the past, the time i was active in CoD Scene i saw a lot nice servers closing becasue theyre not able to handle the problems. (okay some admins just not good ones ;D) But enough bla bla here the idea : What about adding a open streaming list, with no Application needed ? supporting old games still with offline List but also with stream for everyone ? A separated service from your site used on own risk of the admins. Streaming the official banlists to the servers, but streaming detected cheaters to PBBans is cutted from your site and you add a pool where admins are able to download manually the lists of detected cheatery from other servers. Again streaming goes to the servers but not from the servers to PBBans, Server banns are just offline/locally. I think that would be better than waiting for a a unlock or not supporting older legacy games or modded servers.
  22. Hello, it would be great if you could post Offline Banlist for Legacy Games, but also for Modded (dedicated) Servers running BFBC2 and CoD4. So a serveradmin can run PB in semi LAN Mode with actual Banlist while streaming to GGC/PBBans or just locally but with actual cheat detection definitions. Should work or not ?
  23. BestNoob

    PBBans Offline file for Crysis ?

    Im actually configuring and setting up servers for: BF2,BF2142,BFBC2,CoD2,CoD4,CoD5WaW,Crysis1, Crysis Wars running on a Server in Frankfurt DataCentre (Germany) And i want to protect those from Cheaters, can i use PBBANS Streaming Service ? Or do you have the latest OFFLINE files for me if Streaming is not supported ?  + i try to configure B3 BigBrotherBot 
  24. HSMagnet

    Please Help / Por favor ayuda

    Hello, the person you see in the photo is my great friend Alberto Colmenarez, a family guy and an exemplary citizen. Alberto is Venezuelan, at the moment he's suffering from a disease that could not being identified by doctors, this condition causes ulcerating tumors in various parts of his body, this condition causes pain and inflammatory symptoms within the head and neck. For which he needs surgeries, invasive studies, digital studies and several blood tests alongside with heavy antibiotic treatment. Inflammatory symptoms have also caused a "Querotopathy due to silicone oil" in his left eye causing, pain, inflammation and degeneration of the cornea, to avoid the complete degeneration of the cornea and prevent the loss of vision he need surgery ASAP. Due to the health crisis that is occurring in Venezuela all these procedures must be performed in private clinics and due to hyperinflation it is impossible for him and his family to cover the expenses of all the procedures. From here I and my family have united to help our friend Alberto and his family, who are very grateful for the help you can provide, any contribution would be a great help to overcome his struggle and will be received as a blessing. Thank you.
  25. HSMagnet

    Please Help / Por favor ayuda

    Alberto es venezolano y en estos momentos está padeciendo de una enfermedad que no ha podido ser identificada por los médicos, dicha afección le causa tumores ulcerantes que generan mucho dolor y cuadros inflamatorios en varias partes del cuerpo, siendo la cabeza y cuello las áreas mas afectadas. Para lo cual necesita estudios invasivos, digitales y cirugías. Los cuadros inflamatorios le han causado también una "Querotopatia por aceite de silicon", que está afectando la córnea en ojo izquierdo por lo cual debe ser operado lo antes posible para evitar la degeneración completa de la córnea y prevenir la pérdida de la visión. Debido a la crisis de salud que se vive en Venezuela todos estos procedimientos deben ser realizados en clínicas privadas y debido a la hiperinflacion es imposible para el y su familia correr con los gastos de todos los procedimientos. Desde acá yo y mi familia nos hemos unido para esta ayudar a nuestro amigo Alberto y a su familia, quienes están muy agradecidos con la ayuda que puedas brindar, cualquier aporte es una gran ayuda para esta lucha y será recibida como una bendición. Gracias.
  26. HSMagnet

    Please Help / Por favor ayuda

    my buddy and steam fiend, MrAlcoholico has serious health issues. he lives in Venezuela and needs assistance. please give if you can. even a little will help. thanks, http://gf.me/u/qzynnz
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