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  5. ---------- Account Information ---------- Team: CLR The Best Conquest EVER (CLR) Website: http://www.CLANCLR.com.br Account ID: 16601 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0) ---------- Server List ---------- ---------- User List ---------- 2Clint2 (237817) ---------- Helpful Links ---------- Account Management CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use) PBBans Hub Flags Master Player Index Automated Streaming Setup Not Streaming Fix Donations
  6. Account ID: 16601Name: CLR The Best Conquest EVERTag: CLRWebsite: http://www.CLANCLR.com.brError Code: Account Inactive
  7. Hi there. The streaming status was changed some days ago and today when I went to login, I saw that my account was inactive. I need support to keed pbbans into the server. coul somebody help me with support? Thanks
  8. pb_Security 0 // allow pb-update downloads from ANY (game-)server ... players of legacy games are adivsed to add this line inside C:\....\GameName\pb\pbcl.cfg , file usually already exists -- // ;Auto Generated by PunkBuster Client -- so a search should work if PATH is unclear (commonly winAll > xp)
  9. Hello everyone. I am an admin server on the game and I would like some information. I have a server at i3d and 4netplayer. At i3d I have a lot of people who are kicked because punkbuster is not up to date, the reason: "This PB Server Requires (A1388 C2.324) - Error loading pbcl". The problem is that I have the impression that punkbuster does not try to update the player client. At 4netplayer it happens too but less and in the console I noticed that punkbuster is able to update the client of some players () I don't understand why at i3d it doesn't update
  10. A while ago I moved away from multiplayer games and I only heard about this bad news now. I had to come here to clear up the doubt and I'm very sad with this news.
  11. Hi! Streaming stopped and my permission is no longer streaming lite. Could you check?
  12. same problem every time if connected the game you have been kicked by punkbuster am i banned ? Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'xbilgekaganx' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN d2be576c
  13. Hi guys, after searching around found this post and after applying the method DISM and SFC scan, the problem got solved. Thank you so much.
  14. Hello friends, I am encountering a serious problem on Win 10 recently. I am unable to find settings app in Win 10. Can anyone help here, how to fix the issue?
  15. Unfortunately, I have to announce that the project will be discontinued due to a lack of donations and cooperation. Today is the last day you can play on my servers. All servers are online again, including the test / beta servers.
  16. Sorry I haven't been around. Belated Merry Christmas or early Merry Christmas, you pick. It is so sad to hear of HSMagnet's passing, he was an awesome person, so very sorry to see he has passed on I'll miss him greatly. I will drop by again, I've been busy with real life.
  17. He's clean which is why it doesn't show anything as a regular forum user He was banned for Violation (GAMEHACK) #81570 but they were a false positive
  18. Hi there. I'm Co-Admin on the server iFly Vanilla Maps. I apologize if im using the wrong forum or category, but i need to make an consult. I have this player reported as cheater: Battlefield Profile and here you can click to check all the suspicious data on 24/7 Fairplay. Basically when i click on 247fairplay this PBBans link, is not showing anydata about this one. If you can provide me some informations, pictures to proof that this one is a hacker. I'll Appreciate it. Thank you so much. Best regards
  19. What is the tag you are trying to use?
  20. ok understood but why is he telling me that my TAG is already in use and how can I get around that?
  21. a4f1755d is the last 8 characters of his guid. We don't post full guids of players not banned at PBBans. He can find his own guid if need be using client logs https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-clientlog.html
  22. Thank you for the info. May you provide me his guid to check the ban?
  23. The first error would mean you are selecting both of the following options but you only need to select one 1. "I have a team roster, and it is viewable to guests" 2. "I am applying for a community/organization and not a clan" The second means there is already an account with the name you are trying to use.
  24. He's clean here but is globally banned by evenbalance a4f1755d
  25. Hello there. Im admin on the iFly Server BF3 server. i have an user that is banned permanently and globally banned on BAttlefield 3. here is the username http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/xSky_Noobx/stats/1060158588/pc/ please send me his GUID to check at pbbans. THank you ^_^
  26. I would like to register my server with PBBans Full Streaming but this error message comes up every time. The following errors were found You cannot select options from both clan and organization applications The clan name you entered is already in use Please help me.
  27. Server project Discord Page: https://discord.gg/A7vtjmw I recieved a donation and so i let the 40 servers run for one more month but ..... I have daily players and none of those guys is willed to spend 1$ for this project. So i have to say again: this project will shutdown at the end of the month without donations. What a sad world where ppl. dont believe in great ideas. What is one DOLLAR or EURO ???? You can still donate if u want to keep this project running.
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