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    I was about to start a lawsuit against apathy then I realised it wasn't mean't as someones alias Thanks to everyone who has donated and is continuing to do so in order to keep our great community alive
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    Thank you Redkilla, although I think that might be in with November's given the amount raised for this month. I'm currently donating $30 plus topping it up to $150 total, at the end of every month. That is the bare minimum to function. So it's usually about $70 a month. Since the subscription started I've donated $1486 on behalf of my clan. Am I rich? Not at all. I work part-time from home due to my own health issues, and $70 equivalent is a big deal. Still, I can't let PBBans sink. Some will think 'I don't need to bother if someone else is doing it', and they should be ashamed. I want to be able to check players if I need to. No cheaters in my clan. PBBans is, collectively, a huge piece of work. People give up their time to help you - I think HSMagnet lives here, in the forum. The databases must be huge. So many people stream and are content to let other people pick up the slack. Not good enough in my eyes.
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    Correction!!! Donation goal met.. I covered the rest,
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    I've been watching and noticing the same 10 or 12 people donating each month. Out of 15,948 teams and 184 streaming servers that is really a poor show. When you need PBBans help, when you need to cross-reference the story and history of a person who wants to join your clan, you will be sorry that you didn't give a little bit of money each month to PBBans to keep it going. Does no-one care now? I've heard clan leaders say that they know X has a ban, but they are not going to do anything about it, because it's not in a game they play any more. Or it was years ago. Or maybe the members like him/her and they don't want the person to leave, admins don't want to rock the boat. Where is the backbone? Or maybe it's too much effort to look someone up, check the records, cross-reference the history. That is just laziness. There is so much info in these databases. If you've never been able to see the GUID history because you didn't have access, you've missed so much. It's essential for checking accounts. Now you have the chance to use it if you donate. DO IT! If we are short each month, PBBans will close. You won't get the chance to check players again in this way. Don't lose it!
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    dropped my $5 i wish i was able to do more and subscribe. fixed income/disabled and i still donate when i can. i really cannot wrap my head around communities that do not care about keeping their servers clean
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    Any update on the $5 minimum? Pretty sure I knocked it into 3 figures or it was when i donated. 5 donations later and it's $115 dollars. Still. I'm not knocking those people who have donated, but if we made the minimum $5 wouldn't that be more sensible? It's a month worth of access isn't it? (I think). That could equate to hours of using the MPI with unfettered access. Looking up your ancestry etc is buying credits. 5 credits used per seach... Searching MBI fo $1 for a month, unlimited, seems a bit too cheap to me. Edit: in 2009 Fozzer said "Some months its a close run thing to balance the books, but we have achieved a completely ad free environment for over 5 years and as long as our supporters keep us afloat with donations thats the way it will stay." I don't know how many page views this site gets, it might be worth going down the 'ugly route' and looking at a served advert(s).
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    It does mean he can never post again, or he'll spoil it
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    The ban is a valid one, if you have brought the copy of the game second hand or been passed it, then the previous owner probably knew about the ban. No ban on that GUID will be lifted. I suggest that you buy yourself a brand new copy of the game and give it a clean install.
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