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    "There MUST BE cheater sympathizer in all of those"? REALLY? That is the only possible explanation? It could not be that the claim that a given player was cheating was not adequately backed up by facts? What's the point of your post? What I read is "I report cheaters and nobody does anything about them, so that proves there is some great consipiracy afoot". 'Scuse me a minute while I put on my tinfoil hat. Rather than bitching that the unpaid volunteers doing the 3rd party anti-cheat service that DICE refuses to do are not doing it the way you would prefer, maybe just say "THANKS FOR TRYING". As for your argument that a PB ban means the player is cheating... ABSOLUTELY FALSE. One guy in my community 5+ years ago was a server admin and he was banned by PB while spectating a game on his work PC. PB listened to his appeal and said "you're a dirty dirty cheater" and left him to rot. It was something like 9 months later when Evenbalance posted the standard "we have discovered ban #12345 could be issued in error" notice and PBBans and friends removed his ban. By then he'd been ostracized from our community, gotten a new userid, and moved on to play with others since we wouldn't let him play with his new id. That event has stuck with me. And now PB is even worse. Punkbuster went rogue over a year ago. It was like a switch flipped, and they started issuing bans to a whole lot of innocent people. And it happened about the time they seemed to switch from doing bans "the old" way, where a given ban code was attached to a given cheat, to doing more "stealth" bans, where they'd just kinda watch for week and then lump many new bans together into one catch-all. They stated they did this to make it harder for cheat authors. But they also started issuing a whale of a lot more lifetime GUID bans, which render an Origin account useless for BF4 for life. They almost never did that, prior. And now between those, a whole lot of innocent players have been screwed. A whole lot of servers have stopped enforcing PB bans. GGC-Stream.net(kinda PBBans "competitor') stopped putting new PB bans into their DB a long time ago and now only put in new bans for sullied screen shots and MD5 failures (I think), while continuing to ban for the old Punkbuster catches. They effectively threw in the towel, admitting Punkbuster is now unusable. So, yeah, I don't think too much of your conspiracy theory.
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    Sometimes it feels like no one who is involved in game give a crap about cheating. Reddit for modern warfare has posts about cheaters almost daily at times. It has come to light more now that PC is crossplaying with console players. And this is one of the things they did. https://twitter.com/InfinityWard/status/1255208836979286016 Still takes a long time for players to be banned it seems. ofc the console players see that and think all will be fixed and I usually reply. "Same promises, different year". It amazes me that in the case of cod they have been making yearly games for 17 years but nothing meaningful has been done to prevent cheating. Same can be said for other aaa games too. Devs created this mess with no server admins, no kick voting etc so cheaters have no fear. Devs control everything in games today and they don't give a crap about it.
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