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    I've been watching and noticing the same 10 or 12 people donating each month. Out of 15,948 teams and 184 streaming servers that is really a poor show. When you need PBBans help, when you need to cross-reference the story and history of a person who wants to join your clan, you will be sorry that you didn't give a little bit of money each month to PBBans to keep it going. Does no-one care now? I've heard clan leaders say that they know X has a ban, but they are not going to do anything about it, because it's not in a game they play any more. Or it was years ago. Or maybe the members like him/her and they don't want the person to leave, admins don't want to rock the boat. Where is the backbone? Or maybe it's too much effort to look someone up, check the records, cross-reference the history. That is just laziness. There is so much info in these databases. If you've never been able to see the GUID history because you didn't have access, you've missed so much. It's essential for checking accounts. Now you have the chance to use it if you donate. DO IT! If we are short each month, PBBans will close. You won't get the chance to check players again in this way. Don't lose it!
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    We do not issue or have any control over global punkbuster bans.. https://www.pbbans.com/globalban.php What we do know is, they will not disclose the reason or info about the bans they issue to anyone outside Evenbalance.
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    The steam chatter is either to go to a download server which puts files on your PC, or swap the iw3mp.exe for a 1.7 version. Might have to try that. Thanks for your help. UPDATE: I gave him my iw3mp.exe, v1.7x, which he swapped with Steam's 1.8. I can confirm that it works on a 1.7 server. No problems. Stress over.
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    I liked these kinds of messages from Rocket League. I reported someone and the next day it says this:
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    I'm sure you have noticed we have updated our forums. First thing you notice is it moved from www.pbbans.com/forums to community.pbbans.com. The old links should redirect to the new forum as well. Some info you may need: 1. Login usernames are now your display name or email address. 2. Support Tickets no longer exist. All previous tickets will be moved to a sub forum located at https://community.pbbans.com/forum/607-private-support/ in the next day or so. 3. The website is converted to use the new forums however do to the vast number of pages there still may be some parts that have been missed. I will be fixing those glitches as they show up. 4. The theme is not 100% complete and is a work in progress but there should be no issues with using the new forums. The biggest reason to upgrade now is the old forums hit end of life status over a year ago and is open to security risks. They did not work with PHP 7+.
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    Connecting pets to memories/events... I've had this girl since she was just fry, no bigger than a flake of fish food. She quickly outgrew the older fish in the tank including my beloved comet, Dash. I was the one who purchased her, and I worried at first because Dash could have literally inhaled her, she was that tiny. I needn't have worried. Dash took to her immediately. They were almost invariably side-by-side from day one. It was my father who loved fish, really. I moved him in with me when his health had rapidly started to fail. Encouraging him to keep fish seemed like a good idea. He got a lot of enjoyment from keeping fish when I was a kid; one tropical tank, one 'cold'. The thing is that fish are, quite frankly, a pain in the 'arris. Especially tropical fish who can't be trusted not to die en masse at the drop of a hat. They're a lot more work than many realise! My father lasted about ten years in my care, passing away at home in 2015. He was two weeks shy of his 58th birthday. "No religion, no funeral," he'd demanded, "and no bloody moping!" He had no regard for his mortal remains and forbade any fate for them but quick and cheap incineration. He insisted that I have a proper party instead, like the ones he used to throw, and drink to his name while blasting Ace of Spades. S'funny Lemme Kilmister didn't wait long to follow him out. I have my father's bike denim on the wall- his back patch was the classic Motörhead graphic, and everyone who knew my Dad associated him with their music. He did love a to head-bang. From the night of my Dad's death, Dash fell ill and stopped feeding. I suspect he might finally have swallowed one too many lumps of gravel, and blocked himself up. Ultimately, he didn't recover, and I said goodbye to my favourite fish. The big girl didn't really seem to notice either of them were gone, and has never lost her appetite. She never got a name other than Big Girl, for some reason, but big she is - about 1-2 inches longer than Dash was when she first arrived - and in very rude health. Unfortunately, she wasn't particularly friendly to any fish but Dash, and without him around she got more aggressive with her two remaining companions, which caused them a lot of stress. Despite my best efforts, they both passed away too, with her finding herself alone at last earlier this year. I'm ashamed to admit that I was never particularly fond of her. She's actually pretty, and while she's lost a little of her colour over the years, she wears those years well, and her growth rate and robust physicality are impressive... but I wish she'd just been nicer to the other fish. That doesn't stop me trying to make her happier though- life in a glass box must be quite dull, and she hasn't handled being completely alone very well. Discovering that she likes Beethoven, though. Girl's got taste. I can't help but see her a little differently. My Dad absolutely loved Beethoven.
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    Also seems there was an issue with permissions and not being able to reply in some forum areas such as this one. Should be fixed now.
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    . . Yep, I'm nostalgic about returning to properly controlled dedicated servers, an anti cheat that works to find more than just raging players, the endangered species and mostly extinct that were known as communities/clans that drove the franchise all these years...... just saying. :P
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    Cant make it a minimum of $5??? I mean who cant afford 5 bucks lol
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    Christmas decoration time! Like it muchly
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    I'm looking forward to this!
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    $100 / 12 months = $8.25
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