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  1. mangu

    The 300 :)

    Not spartans, but 300 Bans so far :rolleyes: Thanks PBBans team for making it possible. Not sure if it's a thing to be happy for, but at least there are 300 less cheaters out there... :blink: (Ok, some repeated xD) Salu2 p.s.: Plz move to a convenient area if off-topic, not sure where to post it :)
  2. The main ET&RTCW spanish competition site in Spain, Headshots.es, open his doors to all the international community. Please check our site and select on upper right corner "english" to use our (nearly) translated site :) http://www.headshots.es Note that we have a unique public ranked server system with montly prices, and this and all our competition servers runs a guid checking and registering system, to avoid cheaters and fake players. Please forgive the translations errors (and please report them xD) while we prepare all for the next competition. Enjoy now our Ranked server and compete for a 30$ Steam game and a 3-month suscription to FilePlanet each month :) Competitions will have also free servers, web hostings and ts2 servers as well as other prices for the winner teams. More info on site. Thanks a lot :) PS: Headshots is opened to ALL international players, but for now our servers are all located on a very realiable spanish provider, but we cannot ensure low pings for all countries, please test first :)
  3. mangu

    *OLI* KLAN

    No repitas post. SAlu2
  4. Estamos de acuerdo en el aviso, pero manten las formas y procura no insultar. Los insultos no estan permitidos en este foro. Nosotros no podemos banear a nadie, eso lo hace PB automaticamente si encuentra un cheto. PBBans solo crea una lista AUTOMATICA de los baneados por PB. Salu2
  5. mangu

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    Please add also: pb_sv_ProtectTag 2 mangu (Enemy Territory & ETQW) Some hackers have attempted to hack with my nickname, so I've registered as a tag :) Salu2
  6. mangu

    Un par de dudas...

    1- En principio es positivo, al menos la mayoria de los chetos se iran a otro server que no les cause problemas. Respecto a los saludos a administradores, depende del server y el mensaje. Si el saludo solo pone: "PBBans: d&e.Mangu",por ejemplo, puede que en algunos servers haya gente que piense que te han baneado, y empiece a decir que eres cheto, etc... Nosotros lo hemos puesto de manera que ponga claramente que somos administradores de server en PBBans (PBBans: Server Admin d&e.Mangu. Welcome) ... Asi no hay confusion cuando ven que el hub te da la bienvenida :) 2-Yo activaria tanto el MD5 como el CVAR autoupdates. Lo que hace es actualizar en memoria (no lo guarda si reinicias el server) las detecciones por MD5 y CVARS, que son la mejor arma para pillar chetos supuestamente "indetectables"... 3- Es para dar acceso a algun compa
  7. mangu

    *OLI* KLAN

    Hola dunkel, Bienvenido :) para cualquier duda que tengas, aqui estamos Salu2
  8. Eres el administrador del server? Si el server no esta en streaming con PBBans, aunque sea un Wallhack no sera baneado. Poner el server en streming es rapido y sencillo. Si ya estan en streaming, debe ser un admin quien postee la demo en la zona adecuada para que puedan banear al player. Independientemente de todo eso, revisare la demo a ver que parece. SAlu2
  9. mangu

    Error 131144

    Te da ese error por un programa anticopia que se te ha instalado al ver algun DVD reciente en el ordenador. puedes eliminarlo descargandote esto: http://www.sophos.com/support/cleaners/sarsfx.exe p.d.: Google es tu amigo x'DD EDIT: Prueba tambien a actualizar el PB con la herramienta de PunkBuster: PBSETUP.EXE Ademas tienes que ejecutar el juego como administrador, o con derechos de administrador (Boton derecho y "Ejecutar como...", y asegurate de no tener programas funcionando de fondo, tipo WinAmp, etc... Actualiza tambien los drivers de tu grafica. Salu2
  10. mangu

    Esto es nuevo

    No he entendido casi nada de lo que quieres decir xD Primero, no sabemos quien es "ese chaval", ni tu amigo ni su hermano, asi que dificilmente te podremos ayudar. Si lo que quieres decir es que alguien le ha robado la CDKEY, sera porque tiene un troyano, o porque ha entrado en su ordenador de alguna forma para cogerla. Si sabes quien es, puedes denunciarlo (entrar en el ordenador de otra persona es un delito). Aparte de eso, poco mas puedes hacer, que no sea instalar un cortafuegos, un antiespias y un buen antivirus, y comprar otra copia del juego. Tambien supongo que han comprado el juego original, no una clave por internet (que son todas robadas) Explicate con mas claridad, porque al final no se sabe quien es "tu compa
  11. mangu

    Admin status for COD4?

    I agree with fozzer and Benway attitude, they gave you the links to follow, no need to copy/paste the EB site here. If you didn't read it, it's not their fault. BotaX told you his experience, and added some hints about setting this up, and that's great and appreciated. But he didn't said anything that you cannot read on EB website. There is no need of make here a pb_rcon user manual each time someone ask, being one of quality on the programmers site. There is a lot of "admin-made" manuals and info on PBBans forums, some translated to many languages, they take a lot of hours to make it and I think that there is no need to duplicate info when they can use time to more productive things. I also think that a "rtfm" with smilies and links attached can be read as: "There is a great manual there, just follow my hint and read it, man". No need to be angry for that. ;) Salu2
  12. mangu

    clanbase config and pbsv.cfg

    Here you have all the info you need: http://bani.anime.net/banimod/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6626 I also have some already made, just clanbase configs with MD5 & CVARS. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23852 Next week I will start my league, so I will publish updated ones ;) Salu2
  13. mangu

    Is ET is a lost cause?

    We have our "ranked" server up and working nicely: You must first register your nick and guids on headshots.es (Spanish only atm, sorry),but easy to follow if you wanna test. Of course, guids must be validated first by an admin :) I will update news on this "secured guids" server. Salu2
  14. mangu

    Is ET is a lost cause?

    We have and are working on a more radical control system of user pbguids. On Headshots.es web (a ET Spanish league) we have a guid registration form were players must give their actual PBGuids to be able to play on competition servers. On servers (ETPRO only) we have a LUA script, that reads the web database and verify that the user have validated guids on the system before allowing him to play on server. With little changes on the LUA code, we are setting up a public server with guid control enabled, challenging players with monthly prices and stats all for free (with some support from sponsors). Something like a ET ranked server ;) The best feature of this system is that we can ever control who is on server, and be sure he never cheated, as we force checking of the old guids when a player try to put a new one. All the guids are manually (by now) checked with the PBBans MPI, we think that remaining totaly free for the players, this can be a real solution to the free guid system of ET. Also we can rely on player guid to give accurate and cheat free (as long as we can) stats, and based on that stats set some monthly prices to the best players, medics, engs, etc... Actually the competition script have been working fine for a year, we are changing the system to friendly connect to any other web sites databases before release it as public, and then any website can have his own player list. But we think best metod could be easier. We thinked about a UCON conection like PBBans one. Just a MPI of cheat free players that could be globaly connected to any server just like PBBans hub (or using it!), and have a central and global web to register player guids...(maybe a PBBans option?) The actual method of PBBans runs fine to new players, but leave a gap to cheaters to have a new guid without any control. maybe players must go first on the web site and using after a ingame command to simplify things. Of course this must remain optional, like actual server flags. The idea is: - Server is streaming to PBBans and flagged as "use pbbans gamerlist" - Player register himself on PBBans, with a user/password for gaming. And given instructions to set up on game - In game, player can use a simple command (read by hub), like "/registerpbb user password" to give his GUID to the PBBans gaming list. Players must be able to connect without registering to a server for at least 2 minutes (in example) before kicking. Or being allow only to spec... The only new setting that must do PBBans hub is automatic rejection of unknown guids, or move them to specs, only to the flagged servers. Don't know if this is possible or not. If not, we will remain working only on our own LUA system, anyway we need it to our own public server, as we need players registered to give the prices ;) But could be a nice option for all those public servers that are full of "new guid" cheaters every day. Don't know if PBBans can assume that kind of traffic load, just think about hundred of users registering his name/password to play on pbbans "trusted gaming" servers. But if possible could be a nice feature also for other games that have guid leaks, like guid generators, stolen guids, etc... This can be also very useful on scrims, were we want to be sure who are we playing with. Salu2
  15. mangu

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    Enemy Territory & ETQW Salu2
  16. mangu

    No Clue Why

    Solucion momentanea (para evitar a este tipo de individuos): Poner en la lista de palabras "prohibidas" (ban-word), por ejemplo "www" Asi evitais que nadie entre haciendo spam de webs. Salu2
  17. mangu

    No Clue Why

    No te preocupes que el hub de PBBans no se satura (solo recibe texto), ademas solo se envian los logs de PunkBuster, que no ocupan casi nada. Lo que pongan en consola los jugadores no llega a PBBans, lo que sale en el foro de BF2 es un Buffer Overflow, que esta provocado por no tener bien puestos los limites de la cantidad de mensajes seguidos que puede mandar alguien (lo tipico que te hace un mute por spam). Entrando muchos chetos a la vez tampoco tiran nada. El PunkBuster los va tirando de uno en uno y mandando la info a PBBans sin prisa ninguna (recuerda que al detectarlos hace como minimo un kick de 2 minutos). No se que habias puesto de titulo en el post, pero no pongas cosas que puedan molestar, please. Relajate, PBBans no lo pueden tirar de ninguna manera desde un server conectado. Salu2
  18. Tienes un tutorial precioso (xD) en el area de tutos: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23832 Por cierto, cuesta 24 dolares no 12, es la opcion de tag, no la de nick xD Aun asi solo podas aplicarlo en tu server, ya que hay que meter un comando en la config de pb. A menos que los otros admins pongan la misma linea en la config, podran ir a otros servers con el tag. Salu2
  19. mangu

    Duda sobre donde postear esto

    Bueno, lo primero, el hub de PBBans esta caido desde hace unos dias, estan instalando los nuevos servidores y de hecho la configuracion ya no sera la misma, y hasta ma
  20. mangu


    Con lo de Backup Site me refiero a que los servicios de PBBans estan apagados desde hace una semana, y estamos en un foro provisional. Si lees la portada de la web, te informan (en ingles) de cuando estara activo. Hoy de todas formas creo que ponen en marcha todo. Necesitas acceso RCON o FTP uno de los dos, sino no podras cambiarlo. SAlu2
  21. mangu


    Te recuerdo que tal como pone en la esquina superior derecha, estamos en el foro de BackUp... Los servicios de PBBans estan apagados hasta el viernes o sabado, pues han cambiado las maquinas de centro de datos. Esto se debe a que varios ataques a esta web han provocado la saturacion de lineas del proveedor de PBBans, por lo que se han visto obligados al cambio a una linea mucho mayor. En resumen, podras preparar tu server para que se conecte, pero hasta que el HUB este online, no funcionara el sistema antichetos. Recuerda ademas que han cambiado el perfil de conexion, http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41855 En resumen, hay que sustituir la linea que pone: pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub pbbhub Por, pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbanshub pbbanshub En vuestro pbsv.cfg Esto se aplica a todos los servidores de todos los juegos que esten en PBBans. Salu2
  22. mangu

    PBBans Teamspeak Server

    I bet it will not change. Fozzer is giving us the URL As long as they update their DNS, the TS2: URL must stay same, as IP changes. Salu2
  23. Si, lo conocemos, pero esto plantea un problema. Imagina que un jugador esta jugando y le llaman para hacer algo. A veces la gente se queda en donde esta sin moverse y pueden salir varias imagenes iguales. Tambien salen a veces por poner el menu del juego, en teoria no deberian salir, pero salen. De todas formas, si sale la misma foto en distintos mapas, si que se considera blocker... Salu2
  24. mangu

    Welcome Back ;)

    Welcome back ;) we missed you guys :) Is the hub full operative? And, about donations... There is a way to set montly paiments trhu paypal? Salu2
  25. mangu

    Donde estan los ban's

    Exacto, pero hazlo a partir de la semana que viene. Los servicios de PBBans estan offline por unos dias. Salu2

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