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  1. Server IP: Server Port : 27960 Game : Enemy Territory Clan Tag : d&e Co-Admin : d&e'BioHazard
  2. I did (rcon) pb_sv_uconlist, and the list is empty... It's right? Thanks
  3. Hi. Im getting mad with this error: RESTRICTION: Corrupted File/Memory [81079] I get it at random time while playing, and also as Spectator. I get the same error on BattleField 2. (uninstalled now) I run ET on linux in the same machine without errors. (SuSe 9.3) I did the following, without results: - Checked for Virus/Spyware with 3 different programs and Online scanners. - Reinstaled WolfET + Updates to clean directory. (Many times) - Updated PB everytime, with and without pbweb.exe (also updated from the files on evenbalance) - Checked Hard Disk and Memory. (everything OK) - Updated XFire (and tried uninstalling too) - Replaced Video Card (ATI, Nvidia) My computer: - P4 3.2Ghz HT - Gigabyte Motherboard with Audio and Marvell GigaLAN - 1Gb RAM 400DDR Dual (2x512) Tried both modules alone - 120Gb Drive SATA (?) - Firewire Card (tried removing) - Wireless Card (tried removing) - Windows XP SP2 (firewall disabled/enabled, same problem) - NOD32 Antivirus (I tried without it) - Microsoft AntiSpyware (also tried to shutdown) - No-IP (tried) - PcAnywhere (?) - ET Dedicated Server activated (in another directory, and without problems) (Tried to shutdown) - Reinstalled Windows XP-SP2 (no clean install) - Xfire - MSN Messenger 7 (not running) The things i didn´t probe: - Changing Audio Card (it's on board). - Installing full-clean Windows XP - Uninstalling PcAnywhere (i need it to work, but i tried disabling it) - Change SATA Drive to IDE Drive (need to reinstall everything anyway) I have 2 more computers running ET on the same ADSL without poblems (SP2 also) Could be a SATA problem? Could be a corrupt driver issue? Any other application could bring problems? I'm sure that is a PB issue, while i'm getting the same on two different games. I cheked on Google that a lot of people had the same problem, but no solution. (Only excep. on Call of Duty, there is a patch to solve the problem), but no one with same exact code (81079) Please help me, im running out of ideas. Thx
  4. mangu

    Corrupted File/Memory 81079

    Forget it, I run 3 antivirus, 2 spyware (nothing found), and memtest. Finaly i get the solution. Upgraded BIOS, Realtek Sound Dirvers, and Video Card Drivers (ATI), and Marvell LAN Drivers, and problem solved. I dunno what was the drivers that generate the error, but im almost sure it was the BIOS firmware, cus it was 2 levels below actual (was F3, when Gigabyte released F5). U can update it directly from windows with @BIOS utility from original Gigabyte CD, or downloading on web site (i dont have floppy, and cant create boot disk :) The updates were refered to CPU Microcode and EIST (Enhaced Intel SpeedStep Tecnology), but i think it was the microcode update what solved the problem cus my CPU dont have EIST. (570j) Check ur BIOS version, update drivers and check game again, i think u will solve ur problem. Reply if u cant fix it after updating. p.d.: I also disabled DEP on boot.ini, but didnt work first time. After update i dont enable it, but dunno if it will cause the error. PB guys said that could be the cause, but im not sure.

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