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    F.E.A.R (Win32) Server Howto

    no prob.. wanted to do it anyway.. the guy on irc just triggerred me to do it now instead of tommorrow :D p.s. get that bot in #pbbans to NOT ban on pbbans.com urls plz :lol: couldnt help the guy after sending him a link to the forums :P
  2. 5chaap2k

    Please also forward logs to ACI :)
  3. 5chaap2k

    please also forwarded the logs to ACI :)
  4. 5chaap2k

    My F.E.A.R server- Getting started

    just to give u the idea of the bandwith-use of a 16player fear public: 22:00 2 players 22:30 4 players 23:00 10 players 23:30 8 players this is on a windows based server directly colocated at a dutch ISP close to AMS-IX
  5. 5chaap2k

    My F.E.A.R server- Getting started

    try to find a friend with a university or company internet connection (with more bandwith as you) give him a free happy meal each week in exchange for him keeping your dedicated server in his room on his better-then-yours internet connection use a 2nd machine to host the server ;) or.. try to get some ISP convinced that they should host some gameservers to broaden their offer to the younger public, and announce that you're willing to voulenteer for as game-admin for them :lol:
  6. read the setupguide and think again :)

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