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  1. Duality

    Blacklight: Retribution

    Tango Down was not very good from what I hear - so I will be interested to see what they do with this release.
  2. Duality

    The online gamer

    Fantastic :D
  3. I came to the same conclusion at exactly the same point. I don't understand why a thread applauding a developer offering the option of two different anti-cheat services has resulted in posts like that. It doesn't make any sense. People just want something to complain about I guess. I have issues with PB like any other average gamer, but I prefer it over VAC's system and I would most definitely take it over nothing. If BlazingOwnager owns or runs a RO2 server in the future I would bet good money that within a short amount of time after release he will be back here claiming his green SGA tags. I am relishing the opportunity to show people like him and every other complainer and naysayer that PunkBuster, along with an attentive developer, good server administrators and a top notch 3rd party streaming service provider can and will do a damn good job of cleaning up games and providing servers with the protection they need. Welcome Yoshiro, to our forums - very much looking forward to working with you and the rest of TW :)
  4. Duality

    Battlefield Heroes Breached

    Goddamn it EA. I bet they spend a hell of a lot of cash protecting their corporate interests though :angry:
  5. Duality

    Killing Floor Summer Event

  6. If they pull this off, I will be a very happy man. Tripwire are already awesome, and RO2 looks to further cement that as fact.
  7. Duality

    Battlefield 3

    From the sounds of things the open beta is not an open beta at all, but just for those people who got MoH. So says twitter, anyway. I am impressed by the footage so far.
  8. Duality

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I reckon thats what they wanted all along. Release the mod tools but cripple them, so that they can claim they listened to the community - when they actually did not.
  9. Duality

    Ghost Recon Online

    Looks... generic. I don't get what its hook is. Original Ghost Recon & expansions were amazing games that were killed by "ghost warrior" or whatever it is that they put out.
  10. Duality

    Dead Island

    So it is Left 4 Borderlands basically. Not original, or good looking by any stretch of the imagination. Disappointing.
  11. Duality

    Crysis 2 Maximum Edition

    Crysis 2 MP is a trainwreck. A fun trainwreck but still a trainwreck. Laggy, buggy and full of hackers. I still dont have any of my limited edition stuff from my pre-order, which they said they would fix months ago. Oh well.
  12. Duality


    Really enjoying this game so far. Big fan of Splash Damage's previous work - this is definitely a good game. Newest patch gave me much improved performance - hopefully they will fix the rest of it soon.
  13. Duality

    Are Master Bans forever?

    Pertinant ban lift announcements for BC2: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/viol-79542-bans-removed-bc2-t136903.html http://www.pbbans.com/forums/viol-132110-132352-and-132322-bans-removed-bc2-t133556.html We do maintain some transparency here, so we announce all ban lifts when they are false positives from EB violations.
  14. Duality

    Are Master Bans forever?

    Bans on the MBI are permanent. The only reason a ban will be lifted is if the ban is proven to be innacurate or false. This sometimes happenes with detections made by PunkBuster. In these cases the player is given the benefit of the doubt, to maintain the integrity of our ban list. Nobody is "forgiven", ever - to the point where any past hacking history of any member of a team that applies to stream to us results in the denial of applications to stream from that team until the hacker (or ex-hacker) is removed. I would suggest that you need to re-evaluate which servers you choose to play on - find a few well run, streaming servers and you will very rarely encounter cheaters. After all, only 1,597 of all BFBC2 servers stream to us at the moment. Find the ones that stream and you will be fine.
  15. Duality

    Section 8: Prejudice

    Single player is fun. MP is absolutely sublime. I can ignore the GFWL rubbish just because the MP component is that good.
  16. Duality

    Xbox dedicated servers?

    This is good. One of the reasons I see console gamers looking at PC Gamers like spoilt children is that they think that we are whining and moaning and making demands for no good reason. Dedi servers in more mainstream titles might make them realise what they are missing - causing more pressure on developers and publishers to include these features across all SKUs.
  17. Duality

    Homefront PC

    1,510 - Currently playing 2,603 - Peak today The stats are very, very telling of the success of this game. A real shame because the MP, once the patch is out, will be great.
  18. Duality

    Battlefield 3

    The reload animation of the M4 bothers me. If the chamber is empty due to no more rounds being present in the magazine, you are meant to use the bolt release button, as the bold locks in the rear position. The only reason you would cock the bolt yourself is if you had no round in the chamber, but rounds in the magazine and the bold is in the forward position. I like attention to detail. I really hope DICE gets the little details right. I can forgive a crap story and crap graphics if they get the little details correct :D
  19. Duality

    Gamestation in trouble

    GameStation take the piss anyway - They were flogging Homefront for
  20. Duality

    Serious Sam 3: BFE

    Brilliant :D I loved the first two, and have the HD versions on Steam. Brilliant games.
  21. Duality

    Duke Nukem Forever

    I hate to say it, but the game looks... well... crap :/
  22. Duality

    Crysis 2 Maximum Edition

    :facepalm: Wait, aim assist in MP? Seriously?
  23. Duality


    Personally I am waiting for more reviews and perhaps a first patch before I put money on this. I like these kind of games and I loved Painkiller by the same studio, so I would like to get it, but having been burned by BO and MW2 I am holding off until the issues are fixed. Until then, ArmA2 ftw.
  24. Duality

    Show Us Your Desktop

    http://www.matthewchapman.co.uk/images/desktop.PNG Keepin' it clean :)

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