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Status Updates posted by Duality

  1. is amused that PBBans is now taking the form of Facebook with status updates :D

    1. Squealer


      Even better, replies to them are now available too :D

  2. Welcome to the inner sanctum ;)

  3. Don't make me edit your profile yourself using the pics on your site gallery :D

  4. Verdict: Fail.

  5. Blackwolf - someone set a big penis as your display pic on this profile!

    Wait, nevermind.

  6. Dominator smells.

  7. Welcome aboard! You will find your complementary banstick in the cabinet next to the water cooler. Don't mind Fozzer, he won't bite ;)

  8. Pffft, you were snooping at my page first!

  9. I'm in yer profile page, stealin' yer hubcaps ;)


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