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  1. Nice to see a staff members post which doesnt include lots of moaning about bf3. :P


    Trust me, I do my fair share of whinging. Surfy is the most positive person here!


    @LtMatt it wont last - its just the latest in a long line of EA controversies. At the moment there is just a bit of a bandwagon.


    I just stick to servers run by Surfy & co.

  2. I purchased premium. I intended to buy all the DLCs as they came out anyway - so it made sense in terms of price.


    The one thing I am not happy about is the priority queue thing. It makes me feel like a proper dick and there is no way to turn the thing off.

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  3. It's not too bad actually. Been playing a bit for the last two nights. It seems to be more of a PC game for sure. Just simple things like in game VOIP, text chat in the lobby, in game and at the end of the round, detailed end round scoreboard etc. It was funny, the first 5 minutes I played I heard people on VOIP talking about strats for the map etc. It was refreshing to see.


    Short videos of mine:




    Funny part is you have to buy nades with credits. Should help reduce nade spammers :)


    yeti_release 2012-04-01 21-08-56.jpgyeti_release 2012-04-01 21-55-11.jpgyeti_release 2012-04-01 22-00-47.jpgyeti_release 2012-04-02 21-49-42.jpg


    If MaydaX likes it... I may have to take a look.

  4. Yep, thats what ive found. Thats how i spot a cheater on my server now, black screenshots. All the legite players work ok, just the cheaters that dont show up.


    Not entirely true. As far as I am aware, black screenshots can still be caused by a multitude of non-cheating reasons. I wouldn't ban for a blank screenshot, much less accuse someone of cheating because of it.

  5. Personally not really feeling the excitement around this game any more - especially having pre-ordered RO2 and the new Deus Ex game. Very much considering cancelling my pre-order and seeing how the reviews pan out on release.


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