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  1. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    [Griffin] Sniperbot is a hacker !

    Moral of the story, get a decent AV ;) Personally prefer Microsoft Security Essentials out of the free ones available.
  2. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Need Gameservers.com Help

    Quite an old post ;)
  3. Are you absolutely sure that is the correct RCON port?
  4. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Can't stream my BFBC2 team server

    You've tried re-running automated hub setup after you changed to the right port? Do a pv_sv_ver in Guardian and post the output.
  5. Well there you go, try entering the correct port, which according to fozzer's link is 16575 :)
  6. You sure you entered the correct port? You need to enter the IP alone (without joinport) and then RCON Port and password. Post a screenshot of the automated hub setup results
  7. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    BC2 Server has moved

    You need to delete the old one from your server manager, and then add the new one yourself. Edit: Ninja'd by a few seconds :lol:
  8. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Can't stream my BFBC2 team server

    You stated: I can't find any server using I do however find a server on which means you've entered the RCON port in your server manager. Delete it and re-add using the join port as suggested in previous replies in this thread. Just to clarify it once more: When adding the server to your team account use the join port When using the automated hub setup, use the RCON port
  9. There's several reasons a server could be blacklisted. Just to name a few; Server is local-hosted. PBB policy requires servers to be hosted in a data-centre. Servers used to belong to a banned team Server is/was running cracked binaries Either way, you'll have to wait for a staffmember to look into it.
  10. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Can't stream my BFBC2 team server

    Did you check ''Write config'' in the webtool? If you don't check it, changes won't be writted to the pbsv.cfg
  11. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    BF BC2 Server not streaming

    Have you tried using the Automated Hub Setup? Just enter your server's IP and RCON port (default:48888) along with the password and it will automatically set it up for you.
  12. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    [Collective-thread] What do you run?

    Manufacturer: Me! Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (runs at 2,13 stock but I've overclocked to 3,5 on air) GFX: Nvidia Geforce 8800GT (512MB) Sound: lolonboard Realtek Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLI Memory: 4GB of DDR2 800 (Corsair, not sure about timings) HDD: 2x 250GB (don't really need more :P) CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700 LED Case: NZXT Hush PSU: OCZ GameXStream 700w Optical: 1x DVD burner and 1x CD burner OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 223BW (22'' @ 1680x1050) Headset: Logitech Gaming Headset G330 Mouse: Logitech G500 Mousemat: Razer exactmat + wrist rest Joystick: Logitech Extreme3DPro Keyboard: Microsoft Ergonomical 4000 keyboard
  13. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    pbbans on server restart not saving

    If you have access to the psbsv.cfg; Does the entire content get reset to default? Either way, this isn't normal, and probably something you should discuss with your ISP. Sidenote: Who is your ISP?
  14. Facebook, in *MY* PBB?

  15. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Few Milestones

    This is exactly why I love PBB. Other sites and communities often stay stagnant, but PBBans is constantly being developed and improved further. Many thanks to the staff for all the hard work, and of course the community; without them, none of this would be possible :)
  16. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Need help....

    Make sure you have Java installed. You can download it here. If it still doesn't work, you can use Quakenet webchat here. Enter channel #pbbans
  17. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Steam Holiday Sale 2009

    There's some pretty good deals for relatively new games too. I hate Steam's holiday sales, I always end up buying a load of games I never actually play :lol:
  18. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    TeamSpeak 3 - Final Released

    I still prefer the new Mumble 1.2 (Clicky) over any other VOIP, but TS3 is a massive improvement over TS2. Pretty sure Ventrilo will start noticing the competition. Ventrilo's main selling point so far has been voice quality, which is now matched by TS3.
  19. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Teamspeak 3 Now Available

    Perhaps it's just me, but the 'Click here' button for ordering TS3 on your website doesn't seem clickable.
  20. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    TeamSpeak 3 - Final Released

    The official TS3 beta server details are actually filled in already if you hit connect. Wasn't working before, but it is now. Protip: Turn off the sound notifications of people joining/leaving/switching before you join the server, or you will go insane.
  21. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Media

    I have high hopes for this game, I just hope it won't be as buggy as BF2. Oh, and hit registration had better work properly in this game :P
  22. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Happy Holidays 2009

    Happy holidays everyone. And nice going with the theme MaydaX :)
  23. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    TeamSpeak 3 - Final Released

    Anyone own or know any public servers to test it with?
  24. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

    Actually really looking forward to this game. I've been looking for a realism shooter in modern times after having played Red Orchestra into the ground :P Like all games though, I'm a try-before-you-buy kind of guy, so I won't get it just yet.

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