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  1. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Some players don't stay long

    Priceless :D
  2. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Screenshot evidence of cheater

    It says 'Spectating' at the top, and there is no GUID info etc, so I'm pretty sure he's spectating :)
  3. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    What is a Black PB SS

    Black screenshots happen all the time, and are not necessarily malicious. It's known to happen to alot of people who use Windows Vista, and there's a ton of other reasons that cause black PBSS as well. No bust. Your also not a Streaming Game Admin, so you would not be able to get this onto the PBBans master banlist (in case you did not know this).
  4. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    8800 Nvidia Cards and Black Screenshots

    Strange. I also have an 8800GT (in combination with WXP 32) but my SS are come through normal, even with AA on. Perhaps its the combination with Vista & 8800 cards? Edit: /needs to check last post date before replying.
  5. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Happy Holidays.

    Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it :)
  6. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Server stop streaming

    Good to hear :)
  7. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Server stop streaming

    Servers can stop streaming when it's been empty for a while. Does streaming still not work when there's people in it for a while, or if you give it a reboot? Make sure you have a pbucon.use file in your pb folder on clanforge. We used to have a strange issue of pbucon.use being removed constantly, even though none of our admins touched it. If you don't have a pbucon.use file in the Clanforge file list, you can create a text file, save it as pbucon.use (doesnt need any content) and upload it. Worked for me last time we had a similar issue. Edit: Also, Clanforge is the admin system, not the host. The host is Multiplay.co.uk
  8. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    issues getting streaming

    Are the following lines in your pbsv.cfg? ; ------------------------------ ; PB UCON Settings / Lists ; ------------------------------ pb_sv_uconignoreempty pb_sv_usessionlimit 16 pb_sv_ucontimeout 90 pb_sv_uconempty pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbanshub" "pbbanshub" And also important is; do you have a pbucon.use file in your pb folder? If you don't have this file, streaming will not work (I had this issue once). If you don't, create a text file, leave it blank and save it as pbucon.use. Upload that file to your pb folder and pbucon should start working.

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