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  1. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    add new servers

    You don't currently seem to be a part of any team account here. Might want to apply for one and then set up your server(s) to stream using either the webtool or the streaming guide. If your clan already has a team account here, I suggest you ask them to add you to it if they deem it necessary, or explain to them they can add/edit/remove their own server(s) here.
  2. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    About streaming.

    All you need to know is in the link surfy provided you with.
  3. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    need help

    It's possible, but only Evenbalance knows exactly what triggers their violation and they don't share that information.
  4. Lucky_Fr4gg3r


    Reinstall and test the PB services which can be downloaded here, then update using PBSetup.
  5. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Just to say hello

    Welcome to our forums :) Your application was temporarily denied though, for more info go here.
  6. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    NoBS Streaming

    This *has* been discussed with other staffmembers and the decision stands. Even that was a courtesy of sorts, as Duality has every right to make these decisions as an accounts & streaming admin on his own.
  7. Lucky_Fr4gg3r


    As far as I can see, your GUID is not banned, so it is most likely a different PB issue. As fozzer stated, we will need the exact message.
  8. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Server not streaming

    Tried using our Automated Hub Setup? Streaming problems are always client-sided, and it should kick in the moment you set it up correctly.
  9. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    PunkBuster coming to Wolfenstein

    Used to play ET back in the day, looking forward to this. I hope it'll be enough of a change from ET but still maintaining what made ET awesome.
  10. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Server Streaming Admin Group

    Yeah, because I manually forced it instead of waiting for the automated system :P
  11. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Server Streaming Admin Group

    It's an automated process that runs once every few hours. I've manually given it a kick for you.
  12. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Server main admin

    Get him to reply to this thread to confirm the change. You should also set up your servers to stream again, not much point otherwise ;)
  13. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Updating banlist

    And of course make sure to change your RCON password, as it sounds like he simply guessed it.
  14. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Account Suspended - 7687

    Your account was suspended for streaming cracked servers. If you wish to continue streaming you will have to remove all cracked servers.
  15. All MD5 (and several other) violations are logged in the svviol.log file in the pb/svlogs folder on your server. Evenbalance violations and PB integrity failures are in the svcheat.log in the same folder.
  16. If you've also used that IP on our forums, yes.
  17. All that is required is that the IP on the forum has been used on that GUID on a streaming server for validation purposes. A GUID generally always gets validated unless it doesn't belong to you or if it's banned. After it's validated, it doesn't matter so you don't have to worry about your IPs changing.
  18. Sure, no rush, you can do it whenever. Just post back once you've done it. ;) I checked and the GUID definitely belongs to you, but we can't validate it until your IP has been used on it on a streaming server. Technicality.
  19. We can't currently validate it because the IP you're posting from hasn't been used to play on that GUID on a streaming server yet. If you could hop onto your (or any other) streaming server real quickly and post back, we should be able to validate it for you.
  20. Go into any PB enabled game and open console using the tilde ~ key. Type in: /pb_myguid and hit enter The 32character output is your GUID. The last 8 digits will suffice, which you can enter directly into your profile without posting it here. Just give us a shout when you've added it so that we can validate it ;)
  21. Not a problem, glad to see it's working :) Please also read the second post in this sticky to add your GUID to your account. Nope, it doesn't.
  22. Have a look here. For optimal protection, I personally recommend: Enforce Bans Enforce EBL 1 Enforce EBL 2 EBL stands for External Banlist. More info on what these stand for can be found in this sticky. Whether you want ban announcements/personal greetings is up to you. The Accept flags are not needed when the Enforce Bans flag is flagged, in case you were wondering why they're missing in my list. Make sure to also regularly do a manual update of your MD5-checks, as the automated flag is experimental and does't always work. You can find the checks in the MCI. If you're not sure on how to update them, follow this guide. Edit: Approval usually takes no more then a few hours, although it's usually faster then that. Edit2: Seems it's all sorted now ;) *************************************************************** Team: NUNYA! Clan (NUNYA!) Account ID: 7899 Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- BF2 - (Streaming) --------------------------------------------------------------- User List --------------------------------------------------------------- ratchetmn (140241) Helpful Links: Account Management CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use) PBBans Hub Flags Master Player Index Automated Hub Setup Not Streaming Fix
  23. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Is he Hacking?

  24. You will have to set up your servers to stream yourself if it wasn't done in the past, using either our Automated Hub Setup or the manual Hub Streaming Guide. Don't forget to add your server(s) to your account as well, by going here.
  25. No need to re-apply. Your account's suspension has been lifted. *************************************************************** Team: NUNYA! Clan (NUNYA!) Account ID: 7899 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- User List --------------------------------------------------------------- ratchetmn (140241) Helpful Links: Account Management CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use) PBBans Hub Flags Master Player Index Automated Hub Setup Not Streaming Fix

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