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  1. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Microsoft's IE Browser Vulnerability

    Just another of the 9129419251958129518952 reasons to use Firefox.
  2. I'm more concerned about a roster. If you could point me to it or set one up when you get a chance, it'd be appreciated :)
  3. What was it kicking you for? There were some issues earlier with a bogus violation. Either way, all seems well now :) *************************************************************** Team: Battle Stations (FReaK_UK) Account ID: 7811 Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- CODWW - (Streaming) As a side note, please make sure you meet our streaming requirements listed here, specifically the section about websites.
  4. Keep in mind we are not PB. PB is the software made by Evenbalance. We are PBBans and in no way officially related to them.
  5. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    This would be NICE!

    Do you mean in the ingame browser? If so, not going to happen unless developers decide to implement it, which I very strongly doubt.
  6. I'd ask them to re-check and perhaps do it again, because it sounds like something went wrong.
  7. Are you positive you've selected the right game on the automated hub setup and that you've installed PB correctly on your server?
  8. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    NoBS Streaming

    Please PM me the password or remove it completely so we can verify it is no longer cracked.
  9. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Team Account

    If this is your team/clan, I suggest asking Agent86 to add you to it. It's also important to make sure you meet the streaming requirements. If it isn't possible to be added for whatever reason, post back and we'll see what we can do. If this is a different clan entirely, re-apply using slightly different tags. *************************************************************** Team: =ERF= (=ERF=) Account ID: 2483 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- User List --------------------------------------------------------------- Agent-86 (113855) Helpful Links: Account Management CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use) PBBans Hub Flags Master Player Index Automated Hub Setup Not Streaming Fix
  10. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    id like to Volunteer myself to help with pbbans

    Generally we 'invite' people to staff, there is no open application process. As SuperTaz suggested, hang around the forums, contribute, become an SGA if you have a server, and we'll see how it goes from there ;)
  11. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    The comedy thread.

    The second one is brilliant :lol:
  12. If that doesn't work, try cleaning your browser's cache.
  13. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Un second serveur

    Ajoutez votre serveur ici. ;)
  14. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Cracked Servers (cod series)

    PBBans are in no way officially related to Evenbalance, the creators of Punkbuster. Only they have the ability to 'shut down' cracked servers, which they have done in the past, but seem to have ceased.
  15. You received a PM about your team account from Merlintime a while ago.
  16. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Disallowed driver/program cod4

    On top of that, we are not the creators of Punkbuster; Evenbalance are. We do not control their software, _at all_.
  17. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Driver Failure help!

    They're the creators of the Punkbuster software..if they can't help you, it's unlikely anyone can :P As I said, they receive a ton of tickets every day, have some patience.
  18. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    GSA question.

    It's an automatic process that runs once every few hours ;)
  19. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Driver Failure help!

    Possibly, but since I assume you're going to reinstall the same software again, unlikely. Just wait for a response from EB for now ;) Keep in mind it can take anywhere between 24h and an entire week to receive a reply, so be patient. It's also important to note that every time you create a new reply to your ticket, it is automatically put at the end of the queue again.
  20. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Driver Failure help!

    Make sure you've installed the PB services using pbsvc.exe as well, just in case. If that fails, either Google around for more solutions, or create a ticket with Evenbalance here and explain your problem in as much detail as possible, as well as mentioning everything you've tried so far.
  21. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Driver Failure help!

    What type of security suite/firewall do you use? Have you manually added them to the allowed list and/or tried disabling them all together to see if it works? The PB processes often get blocked by them.
  22. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Driver Failure help!

    Have you tried using the 'test' option? Does it fail or pass the test? Make sure your Firewall/AV etc aren't blocking the processes.
  23. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Seems like a silly question BUT

    Since having a working website is one of our requirements listed here, it's definitely required. You should be able to edit it yourself in your team account here and clicking on 'Edit Team Info', but I've gone ahead and done it for you. Edit: What about your team's email address? Is that still @teamunitedkillers.co.uk?
  24. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Need Help

    I've gone ahead and made the changes you requested since it's not an automatic process. Make sure to read our Streaming Requirements, as your website doesn't appear to be working currently. *************************************************************** Team: Xtreme Assassins (=x][a=) Account ID: 6929 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 1) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- AA3 - --------------------------------------------------------------- User List --------------------------------------------------------------- The Ban Man (134356) Enforcer (142470) Helpful Links: Account Management CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use) PBBans Hub Flags Master Player Index Automated Hub Setup Not Streaming Fix
  25. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Keep getting kicked by punkbuster

    Only Evenbalance knows what triggers their violations so I'm afraid there isn't much we can help you with. All you can do is wait for EB to respond and perhaps Google around a bit more. What browser do you use? Might be worth trying Firefox if you're using IE atmo, after reading this. Several other fixes that worked for people can be found here. Have you attempted shutting down every non-essential program running alongside the game to see if the kicks continue?

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