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  1. Hello, dear DHgreeny, good morning, sorry to bother you I am an old player of Battlefield bad company2, I have played since 2011, I love this game, but about 3 days ago I went to enter a server and suddenly appeared on the screen   " Punkbuster permanent ban issued on this game server for player Gu3rr1lhA ... global punkbuster GUID BAN 2f3d446f" I do not understand the reason for this ban, make sure I am an honest player and have never used any kind of hack ... macro or something, I use MSI afterburner and nothing else, I played with my friends for many years this game, I have no reason to use hack, as I am a good player, my K / D is 1.75, I make streams almost every night on twitch-tv playing exactly BFBC2 and BATTLEFIELD1, so I ask that if possible solve my problem, I would be very grateful for this, because I do not want to buy a new account, I want to play with my friends with my old account.
    Thank you so much for everything.


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