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Found 5 results

  1. Call of Duty 4. Here is a annoying cheater with wallhack, and have a demo on it. His nickname is "Ballz ROB". Can you ban this guy, pls? Demos: Links removed by admin
  2. Cheating or anything I didn't open any wonder why he ate banned as a key trick that I got a ticket for why I didn't open it, could you please help me thank you.
  3. Hello guys I really need some opinions about this SS where the enemy's name was visible. People are saying this was ESP.I tried this myself, even i got the name tag while zooming in.Only happens in HC.Please let me know what you guys think.
  4. I am close to a championship, and my brother has a unique key and how he stopped playing cod 4 she gave me, only that it banned, can someone help me? is a national championship level, I really want to play, the last digit of my guid are: 4e774e42 help me, please!
  5. Alright so, I tried posting one of these hackers on * forums since there was a hacker or two in their server. Have not gotten a reply so I'm hoping you guys can do something. I've got demos of both of these guys hacking, one even bragged that it wouldn't matter if he got banned because he has multiple guids. Well *from TWL...I have 3 of your listed guids right here. *. Caught this guy blatant hacking with a demo on him in EW promod server today at about 3:15pm cst. Have the demos on file, but I can't upload due to the max file size on attachments. Should I just make em into a video and upload to youtube? Edit: The other hacker is already globally banned, just not server banned.
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