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Stats and possibility of BAN

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Hi all.


Yesterday I had "pleasure" toplay with K 10 mins of game play and I realized that he usesaimbot. Checked stats and voila: almost 100% head shots for each weapon Ichecked other ppl and standard is 10-20%.


My question is. If we can find such and idiot maybe such ppl should be banby pbbans. I don't think that EB is interesting in banning them and I don'tthink that EA will do smth about that.




Ahh, this server seemed to be protected by PB and streaming to PBBANS



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Local Images cannot be seen by us, I suggest using a site like www.tinypic.com to post the pictures.

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@Piggy: I think the images were just copy/paste embeds which weren't supposed to be there (happens with me sometimes).




EA Answers Link: How do I report abuse of the scoring and ranking system in the Battlefield series?


PBBans MBi/Ban Submissions for BF2142


* The only acceptable demo method is from an in-game demo recorder; there are no BF2142 demo bans at PBBans;

* PBSS submissions are acceptable via a Team Account for an actively streaming team;

* MD5 Violations and EvenBalance Violations will also appear on the MBi for those actively streaming to us.


Your best bet in this situation is a report to EA. The only manual evidence the streaming team could submit to them, as above, is any PBSS evidence (and this won't show any possible aimbot).

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