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this is definitely good news, I hope they do well in sales. We need more of this for the PC community. Heroes of Stalingrad is another that will be excellent for the PC community.


From what I am reading first person view-ability will be available. Thats something I've personally been waiting to see.


I am not sure why ranked is very popular among main stream developers. In my opinion it takes away the point of the game and very restrictive. Hopefully these two games will do well and encourage others to do the same and create some sort of trend here.

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Looks so far like another title to save money on not buying.

Meh, bring on Dragon age 2 n mass effect 3 :P

Really?! I think thats the most inaccurate statement I have seen to date. Ahh what a world...

Even though I won't preorder it, I am planning on buying this one. Currently it is priced at $49 US. Even if it turns out to be a turd, it would still have to be better than the $60 MoH, lol.

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Lot of PC info posted here




In an effort to fully support competitive gaming, we will be providing the community with the necessary tools to prevent cheating during sanctioned online and LAN games.


Battle chat is accessible via a bound control. Through the interaction of a context sensitive button, a radial menu appears on the HUD which allows players to issue specific commands (see command list below) to their squad or team via Fire and Zoom, defaulted to left and right mouse click (though, this can be mapped to a player’s individual needs). Alternatively, by tapping the Battle Chat button, a player can issue commands from the default look option by targeting a specific object within the reticule. This functionality allows players the freedom to move while issuing commands.


Squad Based VOIP


Game modes such as death match do not require the need for team based communication but for team based gameplay, where we have a maximum of sixteen players on either side, team/squad-based communication is provided.


Competition Features


These are the current features in Homefront that allow for clan matches/league competitive play:

· Demo Recording

· Intermission timer (Currently 60 seconds but are working to make this a setting in the console of the server and be variable.)

· Console ability to switch members to a team. Ability to swap teams as a player as well.

· Support for Clan Tags.

· Support for private dedicated servers.

· RCON Access

· Ability to make a admin (or anyone) a spectator via console.

· Ability to turn on and off auto-balance.


· Ability to run the server in “Mixed Mode” with maps from the TDM or GC in rotation.

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No Hardcore Mode, no Zombie mode, No S&D - we're not COD




Finally someone not jumping on the hardcore / cod wagon like the rest. I for one never liked hardcore mode. Guess it's because I played many games before hardcore came along.




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I may get the game if there are good reviews about it. Finally, a developer that LISTENS to the PC community. The only gripe I have with it is that they went with VAC, instead of PB. But, I understand why they did. PB is too expensive for a faulty system.

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I think that's pretty common these days with devs, once the game is completed they no longer need the staff that was required in the development phase. The staff left is usually just for minimal support patches then later down the road a build up for new products, wash and repeat.

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Homefront™ Goes Gold

THQ's Highly Anticipated FPS Marches Towards March 15th Release Date


AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Mar 04, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI) today announced that Homefront™, the latest FPS from Kaos Studios®, has passed the gold master stage of development and entered manufacturing. A multiple award winner at E3 2010, Homefront has captured the imagination of the gaming public, and has proved to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2011 as the scheduled March 15th release date nears.


"Homefront is set to become one of THQ's most successful original IP launches," said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ. "The team at Kaos have spent three years building an FPS that competes with the very best, offering a thrilling and original single player experience and hundreds of hours of multiplayer."


In advance of release, THQ is preparing hundreds of dedicated servers in multiple locations across the globe to support Homefront's epic multiplayer mode.


"We're providing dedicated servers for both console and PC versions of the game," said Drew Como, Director of Infrastructure, THQ. "Dedicated servers allow us to support 32-players on large maps with infantry, vehicles and drones, and level the playing field compared to titles that rely on user-hosted games. We know how important this is to the FPS community, and we're looking forward to seeing their reaction on March 15th."


Homefront is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC on March 15 2011 in North America and Continental Europe, March 17 in Australia, and March 18 in the UK.


For more Homefront information, visit Homefront-Game.com, follow Twitter.com/HomefrontGame or become a fan at Facebook.com/HomefrontGame.



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Looks like MW2 and I've never played that. Minimal PC footage judging by the console commands at the bottom of the screen.


I wouldn't touch this with a 20 foot barge pole and I've stated why previously but that's just me.


I hope it works out for those that are buying it but if you want my honest opinion, wait and see how things go.


I'm beginning to look like a troll so I'll stop now :P

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Lol xX_Renegade_Xx... The first thought that came to mind was footage I have seen from MW2 / Black Ops. Not anything that even slightly interests me. Purchasing this was not even up for consideration in my mind and as you I wish all those that do the best...

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Kaos Studios seems to be off to a bad start:


A publicity stunt intended to advertise upcoming shooter Homefront ended up backfiring this week when 10,000 red balloons, released by publisher THQ into the San Francisco skies, wound up in the waters of the Bay itself, angering local environmentalists

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I'm sure lots of info will be all over the net soon with both Xbox360 and PS3 versions leaked to the net. Oh PC piracy is killing gaming :P

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HomefrontGame Homefront Demand for dedicated servers outstripped expectations. Though we're thrilled by the popularity, please bear with us as we bring more online. 25 minutes ago


Why do devs never anticipate this? Do they all assume the game will flop so just put a few servers up? This seems to happen with every game that's released just lately.


I hope they've learn't something from their last game too, already complaints are starting to flow about the game and I knew the devs were bad for communication, I'm sure this post will not be the first:


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well there are some positives




Homefront is practically hardcore with a minimap. icon_smile.gif LOVE seeing all the BF idiots whining about high damage.

and his tune changed from this prior to release





OMG. It looks like they took the damage model and netcode of BF and actually found a way to make it worse.

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