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Battlefield 3

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Worry about having a good game first, then worry about having PB working.


Yeah true.


Also... more bad news


@zh1nt0 Daniel Matros

@DJN00B 1 soldier / account. Link: https://twitter.com/#!/zh1nt0/status/123893364042117120


R.I.P Smurfing on the same EA Account.... I guess that takes the trouble of digging through 100 aliases though.... if there is a positive spin on this.


@zh1nt0 Daniel Matros

@Enders11 Joystick support is something on the list we are looking to add in. Link: https://twitter.com/#!/zh1nt0/status/123893201013702658


looking to add in? Really DICE? Cmon now...



However... a shade of good news, Tower in Caspian is falling down... falling down... faallliiinnngg down


http://youtu.be/XbAl5NIFRGQ - Hopefully thats in-game and not SP or Round-End Sequence.

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Great post kraxus and lots of valid points.   Any thread about a big game is going to contain alot of opinions that are either one way or the other.   My personal opinion on the game thus far is m

most games in alpha testing do not have Punkbuster turned on if it's even coded yet, in the alpha stage you are testing site & server load, distribution thru Orgin and more.   the alpha testers

Kinda depends on who you game with. I always find playing MP as a lonewolf is like sex, you can do it alone but its much more fun with someone else :P

Posted Images

It gets worse


@zh1nt0 still didn't get an answer on the first person spectate mode.


@DJN00B not on launch unfortunately. Of course shipping a game is a work in progress and after we´ve shipped, we will evaluate features.




Really starting to look like MoH 1.5. No spec mode really pissed me off in MoH, that and no ping on the scoreboard. Both made it really hard to figure out if someone was cheating or just had a much lower ping.


Cheaters must be loving BF3. No spectator mode, no battle recorder and possible no working PBSS (Jury is still out on that one).

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A lot of the "experienced gamers" are the ones running the sites like PBBans, major gaming communities, podcasts and others. If we are not happy with the games coming out then there is really no reason for us to continue devoting our free time to support those new games. Jockyitch hanging up his mic for BashandSlash was a good example of that.
I hear that. That podcast was alot of work and hated to see it go. As to people quiting, you've been threatening to quit and shut down PBbans for a long time now. Been going on for a few years now? People move on to new things. So yeah. those things happen.


Last i checked this is the "Gamers Sanctuary - Discussions for any game." forum which is for talking about anything game related good or bad.

Very true. But whats also true is, when its the same guy/gal parroting the same tired lines, game after game after game - potentiallly decent points get lost in the white noise... Quanity drowns out quality. But hey, your right. Its exactly what its for :)







PS. Crap news about the demo deal. If they can figure out a killcam, I hope they can come up w/ something post launch. As I said before, if the idiots at Treyarch can give me at least a theatre mode, the nerdboys in Sweden can cobble up a 3rd person BattleRecorder. ala2142


I can hope right?

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Definitely a day for MW3 fans to feel good. Got even more bad news.


Confirmed - no VOIP in-game for BF3. Read our upcoming BF3 Beta interview, to find out what else won't be included at launch.




Guess we know why they're quiet till now. We know Magnet... we know.

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Yeah... I though this game would be somewhere between bf2 and bc2 (in terms of enjoyment and playability). But it seems to be crawling to bc2 now.

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Even steamworks has in-game VOIP


Voice chat


With built-in voice chat, players can talk to each other both inside and outside the game.




At this rate MW3 has no worries about being dethroned sadly.

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GameSpy: The beta didn't support in-game VOIP; players had to form a party through battlelog to be able to chat just to their party. Will Battlefield 3 include in-game VOIP
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Yesterday wasn't a good day for BF3 at all. Hype Train has been de-railed a bit. And honestly I don't care anymore if BF3 de-thrones CoD or not. Just let BF be BF, and let CoD be CoD.

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Guess since they met their preorder quota, the community lost their voice. There was 1000's of posts and some decent polls that showed that the majority want commorose, ingame voip etc. They never respond to any of the threads and it feels like even posting a suggestion in that battlelog was a waste of time because possibly it wasn't looked at. I released it was a f'n joke when I asked if sniper glare was going to be a var option in hardcore mode and the next post was 20 digital penises pointing at my post. LOL My post got locked. Was there any changes from the alpha to the beta other than the vehicle removed in metro? Metro and the gameplay will be the same on release? It looks that way.

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Am beginning to see why Amazon has it available (in the US at least) for only $42.00 and am glad I didin't buy into all the hype like I made the mistake of doing with BC 2.


The Beta was okay ( no alpha for me) and like everyone else I had my list of likes and dislikes but this release is just plain ridiculous.


All I seem to see these days are posts of people saying "well I'm playing it but I don't like it because...." or phrases to that effect.


If you don't like it...don't play the damn thing !!!


If you made the mistake of prepaying then its your own stupid fault....when you paid you had absolutly NO GUARANTEES about what or wasn't going to bei in the game.

Hell..it took up until the Beta to get minimum system requirements, and that was info we had way more lead time on with BC2. That should have been a red flag right there.

If they didn't know at this late stage how it was going to perform then how many patches did you thinkit was going to take until they did or will !! And it is a late stage...by the time the Beta came out they would have been preparing/producing the packaging and cd/dvd's (which is probably the ONLY reason we got the system requirements when we did.


Then all the content that we got teased with because it was from BF2 (favorite maps etc) and weapons packs that now became paid-for-addons....you could just hear the cash cow mooing in the distance.


Yet the sheep kept on bleeting..."New Battlefield...new battlefield..."

Yes it looked nice and pretty...but there were far more flaws/dislikes than features/likes....and rather than go through a proper Quality control system of playtesting behind closed doors, EA/DICE...for some reason known only to themselves...decided once again to take a public beating and have its product criticised in the open than release what it should have known from that BC2 debacle that its core market wanted.

I say that because they want to charge for everything they can while doing the QA on the cheap...just release a flawed and disfunctional piece of software and be told by the user what needs fixed...when it should have been patently obvious to the developer to begin with.


Its not like they haven't had enough feedback through BC2 about what we all wanted in the game....all the good stuff from BF2...the good stuff from BC2 (and yes, i think we can agree there was some) and the pretty grfx...oh but lose that piece of S*&^ nonsense about running in my web browser. If I'm paying $60 for the basic game then I want a standalone piece of software...not something that relies on IE/Chrome? hatever to run properly or forces me to download a webbrowser I didn't want/like to begin with.

And for most of us with wouldn't take much to make us happy...for instance,as a server admin , I could forgive most of whats happening if they actually FIXED PB screenshots and threw in Battlerecorder/Spectator mode, but it looks as though thats another bubble thats been burst.


Instead we just get a list of "oh thats on the to do list" and "thats in the works"...well I ca't see myself paying $42 or even $60 dollars for months of patches for content that should have been there to begin with.


It wouldn't suprise me at all if I found out that theres an office in COD HQ ( never learned trhe companys name and could care less) with an intern whos sole job it is to track the critcism of the BF3 release and send out a newsletter so they can all have a good laugh.

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@zh1nt0 @Battlefield Will ping be on the scoreboard on release and will the hud be updated to show more than just two kills -.-


@TableFox @Battlefield I know ping is one of the things people want to see. Will probably be added in later depending on feedback.





@zh1nt0 And VOIP? The message from Lars was vague, to say the least. Something about how it will be battlelog just like it was with the beta


@robertwade Yes, VOIP will be ran through the battlelog. It

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I cancelled my pre-order tonight. Got better things to do than play pre-order roulette with my cash. Either DICE will provide the goods or they won't, and at the moment I don't think they will.


Wait for 6 months and game will be available in 19.99$ and in 6 months major bugs will be also fixed. That's what I am gonna do.


More or less, till then I will enjoy COD4 MW3 probably because we will be starting 3 servers for it in different locations. Looks like EA doesn't understand that PC community revolves around clans and communities and without server files less admins are going to host server. Less admins hosting server = less communities participating in new games causing new games to die faster.


I am not sure how many are like me but I would prefer to play games with my online friends. There is no fun to play FPS games without your friends... Keep removing sever files, keep increasing server cost and sooner or later, admins will stop renting/starting new servers.


COD4 still has approximate 10,000 servers and I guess Activision learned the lesson from Black ops.

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Great post kraxus and lots of valid points.


Any thread about a big game is going to contain alot of opinions that are either one way or the other.


My personal opinion on the game thus far is much like yours, very basic, fundamental features have been neglected in favour for what? Flash lights in your face? Great. Those things are my biggest beef of BF3 so far. However supposedly they are being nerfed for the release.


On the "to do list" does seem to be the phrase of the moment, and much like BC2 I expect the game to be a nightmare to admin for at least 6 months. I wouldn't have expected it any other way to be honest. How long did it take for them to sort BF2 and BC2?


Battle log, I have marmite feelings about. I don't like that its being used as a replacement for the in game menus, however I do actually like the silly community side of it. Even if the majority of forum posts were written by spoilt brats who should get out more.


I actually like the movement in game, the tanks feel more like BF2 tanks then BC2 tanks. I got lost for hours on caspian and relished being in a good tactical squad on metro. Thank god squads issue will be resolved! Even if it is BC-ish, I don't personally care. I've played BC2 for about 18 months and still enjoy it.


This game could easily have not had punkbuster but it has, we should at least be thankful for that small mercy since other developers have basically decided their own anti cheat systems are far superior. (cod elite anyone). If they'd decided not to go with PB, we'd be bitching about that too.


To end, I have pre-ordered and I am not cancelling. At the end of the day, I play games for fun and with a group of people who make any game even more fun. That's what its all about for me. It just so happens we've all agreed that game will be BF3.


Lets keep the posting contructive and informative and continue to respect each others opinions. We don't after all want to sound like those battle log kiddies :)

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Procon goes to sweden:


In order to make sure admin tools are properly supported for the release of BF3, DICE have flown Phogue from his home in Aussie Land, all the way to cold chilly Sweden. Over the next 2 weeks, while in Sweden he will be meeting and working with the DICE team, in order to move the RCON interface along to a usable state for the launch of BF3.


Phogue and the rest of the Procon team would like to put a special thanks out to Mikael Kalms for all of his efforts working with third party developers for all of DICE's products.





As someone who's relied on procon for BC2 its encouraging to think this tool may be working on day one!

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Map reviews which is too much to quote so



The lesson here is that Team Deathmatch modes feel foreign to the Battlefield series, as each match falls closer to Call of Duty than previous instalments. Playing objective-based modes is infinitely more enjoyable than simply running around trying to farm kills, and it also stays true to the series

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CQB is "the grand your of duty" (sic)


urban, street to street, apartment to apartment, room to room


sure there are still wide open expanses where targets are picked off @800m+ and then you hop into a vehicle, drive over there and t-bag while your squaddies film it .

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