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As we could have seen those hacks are really l33t .  :smilie_daumenpos:



Its this sort of topic that makes me wanna stream my servers to pbbans just to see the idiots come here and pled their case.






Whos laughing now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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i think its kind of an abuse of power to tag the persons COMPUTER as a cheating machine!  I mean, what if the computer is shared, and bf2 is installed with 2 different cds on two accounts?  You ban the innocent one as well?!  God damn, thats just sick.  Reading this makes me want to set up a site for people that truly HAVE learned their lessons, depending on how long they've been banned, and getting them what they need to become unbanned.  Besides just banning people from a single game, which you should do, you guys make me sick, bunch of control freaks.



i think tis guy dus not understand that people pay lots of money te provide them with free servers to play on


so then obay there rules and the rules made by others such as no hacking or cheating


if i was a EB developer i would find out a way that you could not even come on internet


i hate cheaters and no ban is to great for them


its your own foult that you did this and you should be glad that there are people like us banning punks. if you were a good and fair player you would love us so dont whine and feel the punishment for your actions

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:unsure: hmm well i was wondering for a friend of mine who got a guid ban today

anyone know if he uses a new cd key with same acount where he got banned from is there a chance he will get banned again not using cheat or anything????

some reply would be appreciated

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