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The game update that includes clan support will be available for all platforms. The PC version is getting a a few weapon tweaks based on the feedback we've been getting from all of you (these tweaks wouldn't work for the console versions and so are PC-specific). We'll keep checking the weapon balancing forum for your thoughts in this area.

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New Brink update:




PC Changes


  • Implemented Clans & Tournaments support
  • Re-enabled recordNetDemo, stopNetDemo and playNetDemo commands
  • Removed cheat protection from the incap command
  • Removed cheat protection from the following variables
    • r_skipHaloRendering
    • g_interactionUpdate (defaults to 200ms)
    • g_interactionForecolor
    • g_interactionBackcolor
    • g_interactionSelectedBack
    • g_interactionSelectedFore

    [*]Disabled notification pop-up during intro videos[*]Fixed lighting issues on the 2nd half of Resort[*]Fixed players sometimes not being able to chat at the end-game review screen[*]Fixed spectators not seeing hack objective progress[*]Fixed player names sometimes disappearing for spectators

Weapon Tweaks


  • Global
    • Reduced spread on most weapons by 15% on average (except when knocked/downed)
    • Reduced damage on most weapons by 5% on average
    • Ironsighting is now slightly more accurate across the board
    • Stationary/crouched is slightly more accurate across the board


    • Reduced recoil/kick on Revolvers
    • Reduced kick on Tokmak
    • Reduced spread further on Kalt


    • Increased spread rate on Galactic


    • Reduced spread rate on Gerund
    • Improved accuracy on Rokstedi
    • Increased recoil on Rokstedi
    • Increased spread recovery rate on FRKN-3K


    • Reduced spread and damage further on the Shotguns


    • Reduced recoil/kick on Maximus

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Brink PC is Free to Play Until Sunday Evening




Hot on the heels of the Clans & Tournaments update, we're excited to announce that the PC version of Brink is currently completely free to play on Steam. You'll be able to enjoy the full game including all of the new clan features until this Sunday at 9 PM UK time. Better yet, Brink will also be 75% off on Steam during this time, so this is a great time to pick it up if you want to keep playing.


Head on over to the Steam to kick off your free Brink download!



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