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Another School Shooting


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huh? Thats got to be the lamest (or most confusing) argument you've ever floated.


Either that or I need a Dick Tracy decoder ring to decypher the rest of that post. :P By your logic, why dont you go dig up the widly accecpted number of 30,000,000 men, women and children credited to hitler and stalin and ask them for thier perspective.


@ Surfy.

Contrary to what is generally floated, our 2nd amendment is as much as a right of protection against "deterring tyrannical government" (or, our right to protect ourselves from Uncle Sam).


I guess looking from the outside looking in, the United States gun culture is the exception around the world. At least until your country is the victim of the Blitz and need us to come over and save those unable or unwilling to protect themselves... Thank goodness for the forsight of our founding fathers, and the greatest generation that saved England, France, and the rest of the "civilized world" - who had limited access firearms they could have used to protect themselves with. ;)


Well, I had a reply to the naysayers, but, how can I possibly add to Butt's post? Well said. Very.

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This is just so wrong, crule, sad and painfull as for all the other tragic killings of defenseless people over the years. Obviuosly if you would deny people in general owning weapon lawfully the number of available weapons would deminish, but the problem is still not the accessibility of weapons, the problem is fundamentaly the violent nature of our race and the twisted minds of disturbed people. Also the guy we want to not be able to get near a gun would be the only one having one - as of the criminal nature.


If there where no guns available innocent people would still be killed by mad men with a rock, car or a wooden stick or even by hand. One measure to prevent these things to happen would be to through healthcare systems identify the sick persons that are able to kill innocent for no "reason" (obviusly one could become sick instantly through poisoning or from other behavior altering causes) another measure would be to mix uniformed secuirty personell with none uniformed in certain areas along with high tech secriuty systems. A fundamental key is behavior profiling and police intelligence to be pro active - and for police intelligence to work effectivly the citizens need to report things that are odd, and for people to report things to be odd they need to identify odd things and take notice of them and care for peolpe around them - key word - Love.


To be frank, there have been people more or less close to the last couple of insane shooters - Utøya i Norway 2011, Batman shooting 2012 and this last massacre - relatives and friends who have felt something is wrong about these persons but failed to raise the alarm.


On the other hand we never get to hear about all the tragic incidents that where prevented from caring friends, relatives and just the person passing by with a caring mind.

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I find it disturbing that a conversation about current weapon policies due to the recent shootings has turned into an e-peen conversation about who's country saved civilization who's countries had dictators.


Lets get this straight. The two have NOTHING to do with each other. If you want to go throwing the name of Hitler, Stalin and co around then you can feel free to PM me to discuss.


This discussion is about now, not what happened x years ago, not what countries did then. It's about what can be done to prevent mass shootings of children happening again. It's about little children who have lost their lives because a clown and his mother were able to buy several weapons and commit mass murder. THAT is what I'm talking about. Burying heads in sand and hoping it doesn't happen again simply isn't good enough. Also I know the states are not the only country to have had mass shootings. We had two guys go on the rampage here last year to. Norway, lets not forget about that.


It's just ignorant to not try and want to change things though, because whatever country you live in, wherever you are, if something like this happens to your young, your government should want to do something about it, something real, not talk the talk and then wait until the next time.

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what needs to change is ignoring people with psychological problems.


the perpetrator was identified as having issues long ago.


was it was hereditary? as it sounds like his mother was not all there


a friend has a disturbed boy who is violent and has psych issues. he is not safe to be on the streets


they have exhausted their savings and maxed out their insurance keeping him in different programs. no programs are available to help them.


soon he will be on the streets and he will be violent. only after he has done something terrible will the authorities react.



the government here is too busy spending money and pointing fingers to accomplish anything positive



another point is that these things are not becoming more common. they are just sensationalized now


the most mass killings in US history took place in 1929 if i remember correctly

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Just going to throw this out, there was a comment on yahoo from an article a couple days ago about some comments that somebody in the dept. of education had said but since I can't find it I'll use this comment instead


As it stands now, schools are utterly defenseless against a crazy person with a gun. "Gun free zone" is a farce. Only law abiding citizens will follow that law, and law abiding citizens aren't the ones you need to worry about. When you declare that a school is a "gun free zone" then you've declared to the nut cases that the school is a virtual shooting arcade for anyone who wants to make a big splash before checking out. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, including teachers, and teachers have a duty to defend their students. Nut cases will stop choosing schools as a primary target when they understand that they might not survive to get off the first shot.


The way I see it, advertising that places that are gun-free zones makes it easier for gunman to know where to inflict more chaos. Another problem is that the liberal media fails to report the incidents where people who had concealed carry prevented or limited the number of deaths.


Here's another article that I had read as well



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