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Server show not streaming

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  Our server had to be moved to a new IP. I have wrestled with this for 2 days now. I even used your generic AAPG config file and still no luck with streaming. Our previous servers have stream all the time so I am sure I have thje setup correct. All 3 lines are present:


pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub2-1" "pbbanshub"
Any help is appreciated.
Copy of pbsvuser.cfg attached

pbsvuser - for send to PBBans.txt

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i dont see any errors . did you enter the correct port number when registering your server?


the port for aapg is 7778 not 8777

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your application is still in the queue awaiting review and approval.


best not to tag onto someone's thread as your comment could be overlooked

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