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rcon commands

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first off...is this the rodeo bob from coduo? sheesh...i think i remember that name. anyway, i have looked and looked but cannot find any config file commands to add/delete or (more specifically) override player-side dvars/commands/ect. maybe you guys/gals can graciously help. old fart here with cod2 server.

1 command to add bazooka's (german and soviet equivalent also)?

2 command to force delete crosshairs on all weapons and turrents?

3 command to turn off the directional icon for grenades icons?

i have a few others but cant remember. lol. i have a 'mod' (if that is what you want to call it) which is mostly fx, sounds, ini's, etc. nothing heavy. hopefully you guys/gals can help. thanks so much!!


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forgot to check notify me. lol. i will gladly cut/paste config file if it will help with my questions. thanks!!!

server is 'I-4 Florida'. we had 3 in the 'old days'. dm rifles-only, dm, and tdm. yes, good old rifles-only. the best.

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