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Bad Ban Resolved "VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 81693"


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Violation information from PBBans.com:
Ban Date: June 11, 2022 at 11:06:36 am EDT
PBBans Ban Link: https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-538f1ef0-vb426798.html
GUID: 89b01cde8df692a4e7de6dd6538f1ef0
Game: Battlefield 4
Violation: VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 81693


So after enjoying many years of happy Battlefielding (3,4 mostly), last week I hopped on and was immediately hit with a PB infraction. (GAMEHACK 81693). Could not join any server. Did all of the re-installing (including the game), checked firewall, checked services, etc. No joy. Filed an EB ticket (no reply). Joined PB Bans in pursuit of a solution. Not much.


Finally, I decide to restore my boot drive to a version backed up in February. Over the course of that process, I remember that I had installed X-Rite display calibration software a few weeks ago, for keeping my "work" monitors in good tune.


Uninstalled X-Rite, and sure as s***, PB issue is gone. Somehow, the active services in X-Rite are being perceived as some version of a hack by PB.


Now, how to get the PBBans "infraction" forgiven without a ticket from EB? BF4 severs that "follow" PBBans still wont let me on.


If you know anybody suffering endlessly with an "unjustified" PB issue, ask if they maybe use their PC for pro graphics or video, and if they use pro calibration software.





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