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Hey All..(A.S.S)NEMO and Myself have started our own game server company..We offer Quality Servers at low prices..Our web site will be up soon so in the mean time here's our list of supported games we provide and prices..Also we are GAMERAIL enabled


Server Location - Dallas, Texas


Supported Games

America's Army

Battlefield 2 - Special Forces

Battlefield 2 Non Ranked

Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty: United Offensive

COMMAND & CONQUER - Renegade C&C-Renegade

Counterstrike Source 66 - 100 tick

Day of Defeat Source


Half Life

Half Life - Condition Zero

Half Life - Counterstrike

Half Life - Day of Defeat

Half Life - Deathmatch Classic

Half Life - Ricochet

Half Life - Team Fortress Classic

Half Life 2 Deathmatch

Half Life TV


Medal of Honor - Allied Assault

Medal of Honor - Spearhead



Quake 4


Red Orchestra


Star Wars: Jedi Academy

The Ship

Unreal Tournament 2003

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT3 (when released)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


Server setup - $15.00 1 time setup fee


Slots - $1.00 per slot monthly 10 to 16 slots. Includes Control Panel (TCAdmin), FTP access, Guaranteed Uptime,

Free Game Updates

$2.00 per slot monthly 17 to 32 slots. Includes Controll Panel(TCAdmin), FTP access, Guaranteed Uptime, Free Game Updates


UT2004 ONS,INVASION and F.E.A.R servers 17+ slots, Please ask for Quote


Loaded With Maps UT2003,2004 - 25.00 1 time setup fee


Kill Server Beyond repair? - Server Reinstall $20.00 per reinstall


TeamSpeak Servers - Free setup, Control Panel (TCAdmin), All Codecs

10user $4.50

25user $10.50

50user $19.00

75user $27.00

100user $34.00


Just Contact (A.S.S)Banshee or (A.S.S)NEMO @ [email protected]

*Prices are Subject to Change

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