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As of right now, I do not have a paypal. The only way I could donate myself would be if I had a physical mailing address to mail a money order. Email me if snail mail's a possibility. I could check to see if our funds are met for the clan, if we could donate as a group.


People with this situation can purchase disposable credit cards. They are prepaid and come in many styles and most are refillable.

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Yea Firestorm here.


I donated a fair amount ($300) during the downtime from the paypal address [email protected]


Also have suscribed to the site sponsors thing.


Just put the name as =S.A.S= Firestorm

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On behalf of SFI clan we want to thank pbbans for the fine work you do in helping to make our gaming experience cheat-free. We'll send some $$ you way this week.

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I'll second the great work you guys are doing - great stuff!


We (the >Mugs< Clan) are going to sort out a clan donation (eventually) but in the meantime I've put $20 in the pot :D

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after only streaming for a few days, PBbans is already at work ridding our servers of hacking scum. I'm well happy and so are many of our members. i only wish we would have done this years ago


*=IMA=* Has made a donation of $30 Receipt ID: 1J100636CC1086739 please list the donation as www.IMACLAN.com


have you given any thought of putting up live links in a scrolling window much as you do now for donations. but aim it solely at the clans giving a live link to there website would be worth a nice donation :)

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I would like to say Thank You to everyone who has supported PBBans over the past 5 years. The series of DDoS attacks that came in January nearly closed our doors forever. If it wasn't for large amount of supporters we would not be here today. It has been a very busy time for us since February and I haven't had a chance to go through the list of donators that came to our rescue.


In the next couple of days, I will be updating the Site Sponsors list on the main page of our site and removing all of those that haven't made recent donations. The goal is to make the list a current view into who sponsors/supports our site. In doing this, I would like for those who would like their information in the list come forward and provide me with how you would like it displayed. If during this purging of the list your input is removed, please contact me and I will get it resolved.


In addition to updating this list, PBBans is in need of a few sponsors. Individual donations are a great way to keep us afloat but we can not always predict that we would receive these type of donations. If you know of an individual, group, or company that would like to sponsor PBBans, please contact me.


PBBans is a 100% non-profit/all volunteer site. The donations not only pay for our monthly fees but also go towards purchasing new hardware/software for our future growth.



I have in the past made donations, but have got out of the server end of the game. (AA) I hope that they catch the person or persons that made the attacks on the web site. Pbbans has worked with alot of us and I will be making a donation at the end of the month bbecause of the continus sopport that they have and continue to give to all of us for free.


Thankyou to all

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I am Darkmyst, Clanleader from the SpiDarClan. I donated $30 to get in our pennies to keep PBBans going.

If i see what is been banned and kicked out every day our server is running, no words are needed to tell how much we need you guys.

At the moment we are a small clan, but without you we would be a great deal smaller.


Who wants to play on a server where cheaters have a free ticket to play on.?


Thanks for all the work and please keep on going.



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Thank you RB for all that you and your staff do, here is my info:Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #8KD4989858207791W) Please add Night Stalkers Don't Quit =NSDQ= Clan to the list of sponsors, thank you.

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Guest Mezmerize

Thanks for all you at PBBans do to keep trashy cheaters away from our servers. Was sad to see that you had almost got wiped out. Will donate when things get better on my end.

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I am honoured to be a part of an organization that is helping to fight crime and bring these cheaters to justice!

Gratefull for everyone's effort that is helping.

The |MOB| Family is always ready to assist PB Bans in any way possible to further their cause.




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Hi RodeoBob,


sorry it took a while but today I donated 60,-$ in the name of my Team.


The money (15$ each) comes from <KoQ Billy>, <KoQ Thunder>, <KoQ Ralf> and me <KoQ Danny>.

For the site sponsors list

Edited by Danny Heffernan
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RodeoBob & PBBans, =]XCC[=Xtreme Chaos Clan . would like to say thanks for a job well done :lol: .

u boys keep up the good work, :)

this is are clan site check it out sum time.http://www.clantoolz.com/xtremechaosclan/forum/sitenews.asp



Edited by wolf47
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Cracked server <3Every other folder Crash something more;ih !!

Server IP


i am glad to see pbbans is back up

people like pbbans, the cheat police, punksbusted and other anti cheat organizations are a valuable part of multi player gaming and with out these people the gaming community would be ruined


Thank god you got the site back up Pbbans server plisse !!

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A big thanks from the [WaZ] clan for your great job in keeping haxing scum off my server :]


Will donate again Guys









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Hey RodeoBob, my clan has already met it's donation requirement for this month, so at the end of the month, when we know exactly how much of a surplus we have, FLOT is going to be donating some money to you guys!


My clan made donation April 7th and we're about to make a donation again.


Can you add FLOTServer.net to your sponsor list?

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