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Server Donation Drive

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Good to hear that you guys can buy your new server.


Without PBbans i dont want to run an server anymore, we caught about 60 new cheaters, but thousends have been blocked.


Thanks guys.

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About time I did it, but my crew of merry-thieves(my term for my clan) has agreed to work on a monthly donation.


Wished it could be more, but heck, anything that keeps the hub, the bandwidth, and the ability to attain new hardware available to PBBans is well worth my crew's time.


A mere few bucks a month from a number of them make it easy to see a monthly donation.


I don't know about the rest of you(well, I do know, from the support you all give us, really!) But I want to see PBBans continue to grow, and continue to be, and continue to improve.

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All my congratulations for your new database server which you will be able to acquire.


I attach real an importance to your service streaming, and I know how much you still will thus be able to offer a still better service to us.


Long life with PBBans ;)


My greetings with the PBBans team


ps : Excuse me for my limited English :)


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Sorry for being late to the party.....I have been on vacation.



Donated today on behalf of your friends at Cain's Lair.



Keep up the great work and hope to see you on the servers!!!

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Would have donated but I got made redundant and although my money should go elsewhere I am using it to keep my 2 gameservers running.... (would be nice if some of the idiots who use it to play appreciated that - lol) Anyway.....well done on the RECORD. will help out the minute I am Back on track. Keep up the good work guys.

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