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Do Not Test Cheats

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Do Not Test Cheats


PBBans has a zero tolerance policy regarding cheats and we actively search for known cheat CVARs / files. Anyone who claims they were "testing" a cheat and received a ban will not be removed from the Master Ban Index (MBi).


Cheat testing should only be done by Even Balance staff and is in no way, shape or form the responsibility of server administrators or players. Cheats may contain Trojans, viruses or key loggers that steal CD-Keys and are so deeply rooted into your system that a complete removal is often very hard to accomplish.


Under no circumstances are you to test cheats on your PC, as doing so could produce major headaches for you and the clan you represent. If you are actively streaming to PBBans and are caught cheating you will be demoted to restricted user and if you are the only one on an account your servers will also be removed and account suspended. Also if your team decides not to remove you they will be removed from PBBans.


If you find or have access to cheat files for any PunkBuster protected game please submit them to PBBans and Even Balance at:


PBBans: http://www.pbbans.com/cheat-file-submission.html

Even Balance: [email protected]

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