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Server Stopped Streaming (pbsvuser.cfg)


If your server stopped streaming and you have uploaded a pbsvuser.cfg file to your server check to see that it does not contain the pb_sv_uconemtpy command. The Hub adds our ucon profiles to the pbsv.cfg file but the pbsvuser.cfg file is loaded after pbsv.cfg therefore it clears all the PBBans ucon profiles if it conatins pb_sv_uconempty.


One example of a pbsvuser.cfg with this issue is


pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use
pb_sv_usessionlimit 10
<ucon profiles>


Just remove the pb_sv_uconempty line, save the file and restart PB or the server. The pb_sv_uconempty command exists in the pbsv.cfg file anyway.

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