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  2. [BoD]Benbo

    Banned in a game I don't play

    True, but why use HIS name? I am not accusing him of cheating, i am just saying i find it unlikely that someone could/would cheat under his IP and alias in a different game.
  3. [BoD]Benbo

    Banned in a game I don't play

    Ok, i said i would check up on this and i have, infact i did so shortly after u posted here. Firstly there is no PBSS to back up the ban because you were kicked by PB for "VIOLATION (WALLHACK) #60178" before the SS request was made. Secondly i have, as i stated earlier, access to A-Tuins server logs through a web system, this reports to a webserver directly from all the LGND gaming servers in a similar way to the PB repository system. The ban cannot be renamed, doing so would be altering information which may later be used in our alias system or by other admins. Also doing so would make the entire system useless, we must protect the integrity of the logs submitted, otherwise any ban at PBBans will be open to ridicule. If this is a case of mistaken identity it shouldnt be particularly difficult for you to prove to anyone who is interested, however I find it highly unlikely that any person could/would spoof the IP and name of an unkown player in a game that he doesnt even play. It is much more likely that you decided to download ET (its free) play it and cheat, knowing that being caught wouldnt link you since you dont even play the game. However that is speculation and the ban stays.
  4. i should have my server back online by the weekend sometime. ill sort mine out for the repository. I take it it transmits the entire pb log and then u guys will filter it? also if ya need any other help with it, dunno what, gimme a pm
  5. [BoD]Benbo

    Cheat proving - How ?!?

    Ive watched it over three times, with show normals, slomo and in free floating spec. There doesnt appear to be any evidence whatsoever of cheating. I would see if you can find out exactly what they thought was hacking.
  6. [BoD]Benbo

    Banned in a game I don't play

    A-tuin the LGND server admin is a trusted and long standing member of the ET/RTCW community. I have direct access to his server logs and SS. i added the ban from his server and im pretty sure its genuine. I will certainly look into the ban, and get the relevant log to check if its accurate for you, but i wont be removing it until i find evidence suggesting that the ban is fake.
  7. [BoD]Benbo


    Yeah im sorry about that, all the 20005 bans have been removed, was all my fault. If you were on the banlist for that short time i do appologise.

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