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  1. Tim

    April Fools Joke?

    nice job guys, you had me fooled :)
  2. Thank you Big_guy for your reply,,its much appreciated... many servers later {all streaming btw} i'm hoping it was an error on one of my co leaders parts.... we've only done this hmmm 20 times in the past 4 years..... i love seeing all these new names,,,wheres fozzer, maydax, mrx, foxx or Ace when needed...i miss them people.... I dont mean to come off complaining here,, after all this time of being here you'd think i'd know how to do all this.... I'm hoping to be streaming again before the AM tomm ...a simple IP switch on my behalf shouldnt have come to this...if it is an err
  3. Piggy read the date under my name and when i started streaming here..trust me,,its called for when your here half the time i've been then reply.....until then the higher ups know me,,they can reply
  4. can someone here tell me why years of dedicated streaming and now a dropped host\new host\ip are taking so long to stream again and our admin spot dropped ? No offense but we've been dedicated to this place for years and a co leader of mine has sent in the new info ,,all we did was switch ip's and our status got dropped and we're still not streaming...how bout this? get it fixed . I've been here for god knows how many years now, i like the place and respect the elders here who built it,,i dont appreciate my status being dropped or my clans status from a simple ip switch especially seeing
  5. Be carefull if you do ever use the alias tracker....It has major flaws in it and a hacker knows how to exploit it and use your own players guids against you to get them banned....
  6. Gee thanks Bob ,, and here I was preparing my speach on how you were turning the reins over to me... :P Like someone else posted ,,never would i reply to a topic like "RodeoBob's Retireing" being posted on april fools day :D
  7. For starters you should be added as an SGA here if your server is streaming.... if you are infact streaming the logs will show it and they will also show proof of a hack being used. Have whoever signed up to stream here show the logs in a post and actions will be taken.
  8. I tried, it says its already streaming...makes no sense,,there is another streaming w\ the same IP but diff port, would that confuse things? ok, tried again,,it said the same message again so tried 1 more time,,this time it says it just needs approval. thank you
  9. Hi, I wrote to maydax yesterday regaurding our sof2 server. We used to have a player {co-leader} doing the pbbans work on the server but he went to a diff clan. Since then no one realised it stopped streaming until 2 days ago. I just checked and it still doesnt show as being active\streaming but when i try to activate it to stream again it says its already streaming.... thats the confusing part,,it doesnt show on the list but says its still active ,,anyone know what i'm doing wrong ? Thanks SoF2 server : }S|<Ld{ Morturary XD Extreme Damage DM
  10. delete everything sof2 related on your comp..write down the old key ID 1st !!! re-install the new disc , when it comes to " place the key #'s" here spot just put your old key #'s in. I trashed my copy of sof2 long ago and broke many other copies,,,as long as you have the old #'s and place them in when asked you'll be fine.
  11. The best thing to do in your case or anyone else wanting to buy the game is make sure its sealed and LOOK at the date on it..if its dated before 2006 then the key is still good . Theres still many many new\older games out there in retail stores and bargain bins,,you just gotta check the date 1st to be safe.
  12. I know, I wanted it known in the open forum erea also ,he's got alot of friends who arent sga's ;) ok, i cant tell a lie,,,i didnt see the other post ,,,anyway, its the thaught that counts :D
  13. Happy Birthday bud,,,hope it all goes well....27 years old,,, damn , them were the fun years ,,enjoy being young while you can,,,old age sneaks up on you real fast :P
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