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  1. Slash

    Hello, Proble, Plz Read

    lol i know, i broke down and splurged for the 10$. thx for ur help guys :D
  2. Slash

    Hello, Proble, Plz Read

    ok u got me there...... i would really like to play gold, as my clan does some of the time. but if it means so, i will have 2 stick to 1.0 for now. :( well, post or email me or sometin if u guys have any other recomendations of what i can do. thanks for ur help. B)
  3. Slash

    Hello, Proble, Plz Read

    buy the game?!? lol naw, only reason i play it is cause its free. :P
  4. Slash

    Hello, Proble, Plz Read

    ok, thank u guys for ur time :) and about the key, how do i switch the key (if possible) to 1 only i would have to prevent this kind of mistake? or what would u recommend doing?
  5. Hello, my name is Slash from the -{[email protected]}- Clan. i have recently decided to go play sof2 GOLD edition as a step up from my usual sof2 version 1.0 when i tried joining servers, i recieve a message that says i am automatically banned by punkbuster because of a "GUIDE BAN" :( i am an honest loyal descent player, and i would like to continue playing sof2 gold version. if there is any way i can get my guide unbanned or change it somehow, i would really appreciate it. :) my guide- 14f569af

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