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    Flair Bartending, Asphalt Snowmobile & motorcycle Dragracing, PC Enthusiast, gamer of course! ACE/Warrant Officer for www.pure-domination.com

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  1. FlairDevil

    Well, what did you all get me?

    The kids (8 y.o. twin boys) had the most fun which is more important than anything else. I relaxed which is more important to me than anything else.....lol
  2. FlairDevil

    What this means, hack or not ?

    Whoa, there is no question those are hacking screen shots. That is what is known as a glow hack where the enemy has a nice red glow under them which can be seen thru walls and around corners. In the second series of shots the first one if the most profound for 3 reasons: 1. Glow hack - notice the characters way off in the distance underneath the far tower laying in the road glowing away. 2. Aimbot - not the funky crosshair locked onto the enemy on the right walkway. 3. If this was regular bridge and not bridge SE, he was also using a no fog hack. Bottom line is this - SUBMIT THESE SCREENSHOTS OR SHOW ME THE BOTTOM AND I'LL HANDLE IT!!!!!
  3. FlairDevil

    Well, what did you all get me?

    My one year anniversary just passed with PBBans which I chose to celebrate by taking the family to the Florida Keys for 2 weeks! Just wondering what presents I had waiting for me now that I'm back. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: none, eh. :o
  4. FlairDevil


    Well. We will need more info to give you a better response other than "Yeah, ok sure he doesn't" What is the kick message he is getting? Could it be something simple like he does not have PB enabled in his game? Whuups, COD2 - wrong forum! /me runs.....
  5. FlairDevil

    Website Feedback

    Inc0gnito helped me for nearly an hour sorting out a problem I was having with our clan tag registration. pureDOMINATION appreciates his efforts - there are never enough volunteers like him! =)
  6. Topic Title: Hub Game: America's Army Clantag: [pD] Please forward to AASA.
  7. Topic Title: Hub Game: FEAR Clantag: [pD] Glad to be back streaming! We found a new home for our servers. AWESOME company! Super impressed with them thus far! =) Also, 5chaap2k recommended I sign up for a team account, is this the correct forum to submit this request? Thanks in advance guys.
  8. FlairDevil

    Need PBSV.cfg

    I thought they were all just hackers...LOL We are getting new server - clan decision, more money but better box I guess. /me shrugs "we'll see" ;)
  9. FlairDevil

    Need PBSV.cfg

    Aww dang it ya should have xfired me! I would have had ya come right in! Same nick is my xfire..... we were in our match server [pD]Gaming just gooing off going over some strats for wed & thurs (Control & CTF) matches.....
  10. FlairDevil

    Need PBSV.cfg

    To the best of my knowledge, pbsv.cfg must be created in many cases - there is nothing in it by default. When you begin to take advantave of PB's features (RCON, Streaming, Auto PBSS's, etc.) is when you must create, then edit the file. For FEAR anyway. I cannot comment on other games. If you need ANY additional info, I will be glad to help you out. =)
  11. Hub F.E.A.R. [pD] If it doesn't work now, I'm stumped! :blink:
  12. FlairDevil

    pb_sv_usessionlimit ^3PunkBuster Server: pb_sv_USessionLimit = 1 (0 to 16)
  13. FlairDevil

    pb_sv_usessionlimit 1 Im right here......lol just hit refresh...
  14. FlairDevil

    I went back further in the logs and found hundreds of these: [09.12.2006 00:08:29] PB UCON Packet ignored "pbbans"@ [] Whats wrong?
  15. FlairDevil

    Yes sir. I added the line pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver as well to make sure that was not the problem.

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