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  1. Agent.Orange

    Server notstreaming

    Thanks for the reply folks I'll check our side....
  2. We have 2 servers, but our main one is not streaming. Our PB admin for The Agency mentioned it could be because of the port 28961 (not a standard port). Can you please confirm this for us... Thanks
  3. Agent.Orange

    Server lags

    Does anyone know of a good provider in Canada or the US. We currently use Gameserves and find the lag is out of control sometimes. I have members asking to stop streaming with PBBANS because it's causing our server to lag out.. When gameserver tech support is asked they say many things like our mod(awe), PBBANS and so on... thanks in advance.. B)
  4. Agent.Orange

    Welcome Back 2009

    Wow that was fast!! Great to see you back online ... B)
  5. Agent.Orange

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    FIX IT <_<
  6. Agent.Orange


    Had this player kicked last night with the MD5Tool error ff7e I have know Idea what this code is. Does this site have a code section that I'm just missing to look up these kind of errors?? Thanks for your help
  7. Agent.Orange

    What do you think of PBBans.com?

    Streaming with PBBANS has caught 5 hackers in the last month on our server. You folks do get great work and thanks for the unbelievable service that you provide here. ;)
  8. Name:Headzo User ID:109846 Clan : The Agency. Tag : Agent. Server ip: Thanks
  9. Please add Agent.HighNoon ID# (110450) Thanks Team: The Agency. Account ID: 662 Streaming Status: Streaming (2 / 2) Server List (Streaming) (Streaming)
  10. Agent.Orange

    Violation #9002

    Does anyone know what violation this is related too....... VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002 Had someone get kicked from our server the other right with it. Thanks
  11. Hub GAmetype: CODUO Tag: Agent. Thanks
  12. Server IP I have gone to create account and added my info what else is it I need to do to be streaming Thanks
  13. I would just like to know if my server info has been update? Changed server a while back and didn't update IP. Could someone confirm my changes! Thanks
  14. Agent.Orange


    A pbss won't pick up aimbots will they? As for demo it's not 100% I would only be speculating right??
  15. Agent.Orange


    How do you know if someone is using an aimbot. Some folks come in to our server and just seem to run a muck 45 and 6. I've seen some of these peeps make some unbelievable shots, but I just can't come out a say nice aimbot. Like you I want to be sure, so what can I do?? Thanks Orange ;)

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