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  1. DisTURbeD

    Md5tool kick

    Thanks (I.C.E.) AcE, That makes it even more of a puzzle. :) I know better than to work on the server when I'm drinking, so I must have been real tired or something when I put that there. I cannot for the life of me recall doing it but after I goy rid of it and configured the rest of the configs to load correctly, all seems to be good. I'm new what can I say. Thanks for the replies! DisTURbeD
  2. DisTURbeD

    Md5tool kick

    Hmm, My bad I guess. I found a file named pbsvuser.cfg in my PB folder that had MD5Tool entry's in it. For the life of me I cant figure out how it got there but obviously I must have put it there sometime. Guess I really am human. Thanx for the fast responses tho guys! Frag Ya L8tr, DisTURbeD
  3. DisTURbeD

    Md5tool kick

    I dont have that file anywhere on my HD at all. Or do you mean of the md5.cfg which is on the server? I am attaching a copy of the pat_md5.cfg that is on the server. pat_md5.cfg
  4. DisTURbeD

    Md5tool kick

    I dont understand what this is exactly. Seems to be some mistake. First a friend of mine was kicked for this: aktiv8 You have been kicked via PunkBuster (for 1 minute) ... MD5Tool Mismatch: base/textures0.pk3 PunkBuster Client: Removing "aktiv8" 0800 (1 minute) MD5Tool Mismatch: base/textures0.pk3 and we couldn't figure out why. Then about 10 minutes later I got kicked for it myself. Niether of us could find any reference to this on our machines anywhere. Further the pat_md5.cfg doesnt have any reference to this either. Can someone give me any insight on this? Thanks in advance, DisTURbeD

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