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  1. is O/S not 0/5 :P as in operating system .. used to get that alot when norton was beign run ..but not had it on pc in ages but now i'm getting o/s priv again :9 probably a pb update thats messed it all up .......AGAIN
  2. sorry guys but i thought as this is the fountain of knowledge i thought i'd post here :D my stepson just got a mac......... and the only download i can find is for enemy territory 2005 ...... has there been continued support for this ? or is he stuck using an older version ? any help would be appreciated
  3. yep thats the bunny............ i just let it go for ages.... and it fixed itself
  4. yeah i got the new pnkbstr on my pc... i dont run it before every game tho .. i thought the whole point of it was that it would auto run before a game starts to make sure its upto date
  5. update after letting it try to connect forever it updated itself........not exactly good
  6. Punkbuster Client : failed to reselove etguildauth.evenbalance.com anyone with a suggestion on this.............onlyhappend in the last hour or so .....and after a pb update as well....... funny how any pb update these days fucks everything up ALL the time.................. running 2.55 i have the new pnkbstr sevvice and run it twice to see if i can get on........... no such luck anyone getting problems ??
  7. why make a seperate cfg just for the tag protection ?? just add teh line inthe sever cfg :jam:
  8. not my decision to have 2.55 :( i dont pay for i just help run it ...
  9. i notice whenever there an mci update it gets posted :- but could a little more info be given during the post , which would be helpful for alot of us :) on a more mod specific nature what i mean is :- MDL update 23-08.07 change to etpro or if its multiple mods just state mutiple i know pbbans would like us all to run all the checks ( and i'd do it if we had a dedicated machine ) , but for us small time gamers we just do the checks specific to our mod :( if this would be poibble that people can check at a glance if these updates affect them in any way :)
  10. if i find we are runnin an older version where exactly does the file get placed ??? etmain ?? can i just use ftpto upload it or does it have to be done by the server company ( gameservers ) ?
  11. ok i got it fixed ( for now ) i went on liev chat to a symantec rep and gave them complete access to my pc basically the fix is ( and imo this is plain dumb ) , make sure your programmes have permit all , instead of automatic . personally i would have thought automatic was the same thing , and for 4 years thats how ive run it....but seems to do the trick.......................wierd
  12. sighs.............nope still same problem
  13. ok....... ive gone here :- http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsvcfaq.php downloaded the new PBSVC and run it ... came back saying my pnkbstra was out of date . had to delete pb and reinstall it... hopefully this will sort it... will report back
  14. hmm.............on the subject of the 2nd et in all programmes..........when i go into add/delete programmes its listed as :- et update mod .... when i try to remove it i get :- ERROR C:\Documents and Settings\OWEN\Desktop\soundpacks\Uninstal_14330.txt script file not found uninstall aborted when i click on the "click here for support info" i get :- a link which takes me here :- http://www.albertonunes.com/miguel/ take a look in the parent directory now ive no clue what the hell that is as i think its in spanish but have i got some sort of spam bot inside my et cau
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