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  1. Hub Game: Quake4 mod Q4max Clan Tag: ATF Thx
  2. ATF_Max

    PB Update

    ATF Server is streaming to punkbusted our guy who does this is still at war in Iraq. I know the 130000's is pb hack but I ask the dude and that was his answer I'll see if I cant retrieve the logs. Thx
  3. ATF_Max

    PB Update

    Alot of peeps have been kicked from ATF Server by pb with this #131130 Desciption said unknown program detected 2min kick. This happen right after the new update was applied a guy who was kicked finally was able to join our server days afterward. He said that this was a trojen in pb. Any ideas on how true this maybe? <_<
  4. ATF_Max

    Demo's of Hacks

    I was wondering is there any where here I can upload Quake Ra3 Demo's of people using hacks that are not being caught by pb yet. Would this be of some help?
  5. ATF_Max

    (GameHack) #80017

    Thx everyone I needed Ager to realize what I was up against and where this left him in these circumstances. Yes ATF is Zero tolerance. I will check into streaming our server to you. Currently we are having a issue with Trinty Game Servers and we are not streaming but Im not sure where we were streaming our old server to. Thx again and If I or ATF could help you out let me know. http://www.atfclan.com
  6. ATF_Max

    (GameHack) #80017

    Does anyone know what this violation actually is? (GameHack) #80017 There was a player who recently got ban for this violation on our server and he swears he is not a cheat. Any information would be great. Thanks

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