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  1. Ahh i see you found it here :) , nice

  2. Here is somthing from this forum http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19896 hope it helps
  3. Hello mate, nice to see you have an account here :)

  4. Good Choice Imo ;) I was 1 off the 110 people and it wasnt fun tbfh. So good decision
  5. haha just wanted to see ur profile here, but hallo mate

  6. :) Hey Drift nice to see u here

  7. Tag: |Qubenet Name: Qubenet Clan website: http://et.qubenet.net/forum/portal.php game: Enemy Territory server: Want to stream PBbans? : Been doing that for almost a year
  8. nah server is stil streamng but nevermind ;) was just currious thanks for the replies on the PBSS thing cheers
  9. nah i cant translate it, its finish ;) i was sure that if ET was in the background u would either get a black screen or a screen capture failed. so just to be sure, this is not a cheat in any way? btw what happen to my nice streaming gameadmin avatar :(
  10. our server is treamed by PBBans, an thx fir that ;) today i just looked at some of the pbss taken on it an i found this one anyone know what that is?
  11. I just checked 1 of our servers, an got a bit confused here, is this server straming as it should? And i can see i have to read abit about that logforwarding thing, as im sure i never did that. BTW is it of any use to ad private warservers to be streamed? we have 5 off thos and was wondering if getting those streamed like our 2 publicservers was a good idea PBBans Repository Server Search Not Found Server is not in the MSI Rep List PBBans Hub Server Search Server Status: Server is not streaming via Hub Server Info Clan Tag: |Qubenet Server IP:
  12. I discovered aguy on our servers ahving this warning when i yawned the server MD5TOOL #9002 (etmain/icebot.dll) our servers are streamed by u guys, but this warning was issued by punksbusted.com is he cheating? if yes, whats the cheat? thx in advance
  13. ur sure? ive done it exactly as on the last server an when i write pb_sv_uconlist i got this hmm wondering what could be wrong SORRY i just noticed i put the ip here on forum wrong :( its
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