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  1. darkbishop

    MSI help?

    thanks again!! fozzer!! :)
  2. hello guys, i need a little help, my server is streaming VIA hub, but i was wondering what MSI is? it says my server is not in the MSI Rep List. how do i get my server in the MSI list, or do i need it sence my server is allready streaming via hub? server ip: thanks guys!
  3. darkbishop

    hacker or not??

    yea mcsteve he typed !exec overlord.cfg no it was oasis.... not sure if i should i unban him......not sure what it was?? ok well thanks alot guys :D ~dark~
  4. darkbishop

    hacker or not??

    hello guys :D this guys was on my server ....Gagne 2E91F8293E907D565E459F2CFC5457C0 and he had just loged in and joined the allies then he types ( !exec overlord.cfg ) when i seen that i was quick to ban.....not sure if it was a hack or he was just scaring people.....but i was wondering if it was a hack or do i owe him an oppology?? any help would be great..............................thanks guys! ~dark~
  5. darkbishop

    need help......not streaming

    ok i do use HLSW and i did it that way and this is what came up.. 15:14:50 ^3PunkBuster Server: [slot] [Type] [Mask] [Name] ^3PunkBuster Server: 1 1 pbbans ^3PunkBuster Server: End of PB UCON Profile List (1 Entry) but when i go in game to console and type /pb_sv_uconlist the only thing that come up is... PunkBuster Server: [slot] [Type] [Mask] [Name] PunkBuster Server: End of PB UCON Profile List ??? so is it streaming or still not doing it right??
  6. darkbishop

    need help......not streaming

    ok it was a typo .....sorry on my server in the PB folder i have......pbbans_hub.cfg on my server in the PB folder i have.....pbucon.use and on my computer in the PB folder, in the pbsv.cfg file i have....pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg and i also updated my pb to the ver.1.50 restarted an it loaded the new version but still gave me a Files Not Found: pbbans_hub.cfg should those files be on my computer PB folder??? or they are suppost to be on my server PB folder?? thanks!! ~dark~
  7. hi, i followed the instruction on how to stream via HUD and after i restart in rcon, it says it cant find the pbbans_hud.cfg files??? i have pbbans_hud.cfg file in my server PB folder...... i have pbucon.use file in my server PB folder..... and i have my pbsv.cfg file on my computer in the Wolfenstien-Enemy Territory/PB folder.... and in my pbsv.cfg file i have pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg ok and its not working....i hope i doing it right?? pb_sv_ver is 1.229 and my server is with clanserver..............help!! thanks! ~dark~
  8. Topic Title: HUB Game: ET Clantag: [o.w.o] i tried using the web interface but it didnt work..do i have to be streaming first??
  9. darkbishop

    can someone help me keep geting kicked

    THANKS! Alfdoh ok.....and sorry for posting in the wrong forums.......all i seen was wolfenstien and i went in....lol
  10. hello, i have a server running etpub and etadmin and sometimes it will kick ppl but the most resent one, was a player that claims he does not use hacks but the message i get is ( removing >player< f007 (0 minutes) restiction : blocked o/s privileges :508 : 430 ) does anybody know what this means, kinda new at this, barely managed to get the server running so this is hard for me..........please be kind and let me know how to fix it, if its my problem. thanks ~ dark
  11. darkbishop


    THANKS ! you guys are great, i was beginning to worry, THANKS AGAIN FOR HELPING NOOBS LIKE ME :D , AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
  12. darkbishop


    hello......i hope some will help me with this...a player was kick by PB from my server and the reason was( Removing > player< Duplicate Guid/CDKey ) can anyone tell me what this means, so i can fix it.

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