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  1. I saw a thread discussing the end of PBBans support for Enemy Territory. If that's the case, how do I get access to the master player index? I understand ending the support, but i can't access the list anymore and that would be useful in administering a pub server. I contributed with server data for years, I miss that tool. Thanks
  2. SlAppY

    Hack Attack On Server

    This is the only way to stop q3fill tool on an etpub server that I know of. The lua mod mentioned is for ETPro and works quite well, but this guy isn't asking about ETPro. If you version of ETPub does not have g_spoofOptions then all I can tell you is to update. :(
  3. SlAppY

    Pbbans User Survey

    I would like to second this. ETPro GUIDs would be a nice resource...... Even better, if EvenBalance gave us a hardware identification method it would hurt cheaters (basically like etpro GUID, but reliable). I know they have the capabilities because they've had "hardware bans" for years. Why won't they give us a method?? PBBans should implement ETPro GUID for the purposes of evidence collection IMO, as Zombie says. But also, PBBans and PsB should push EvenBalance relentlessly for a method of hardware identification. I think that of my 100+ busts, there are only 60-70 cheaters (educated guess)... We could crush repeat offenders if we had an ID based on hardware, or at least give them a little more work to circumvent a ban.
  4. SlAppY

    Holiday War 2007

    2.55?!?!?! You knows there's been at least two updates since that? :huh:

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