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  1. The setup system setup to stream to you and GGC do I need to stream to GGC to stream here???
  2. NYPDSwat


    Thanx for the quick reply :)
  3. Hey Guys Please Remove me as the Streaming Rep. for the =VX9= Server it is still streaming to you and forwarding to ACI and =VX9= would like to leave it that way. As for my removal I am no longer affiliated with =VX9= and it will be up to them to get a new Rep. Thanx Swat
  4. NYPDSwat

    Streaming Problem???

    Servers Streaming again :D
  5. NYPDSwat

    Streaming Problem???

    lol Yeah I just figured that out sorry tomuch work not enough sleep :) PBBans Hub Server Search Server Status: Server is streaming via Hub Server Info Clan Tag: =VX9= Server IP: Last Streaming: September 6, 2006 8:03 am Can my logs be forwarded to ACI??
  6. Both these lines are in my svlogs but when I check here Master Streaming Index my server doesn't come up Why??? Am I Streaming to the Hub?? My server IP is [09.05.2006 21:19:23] PB UCON Profile added type=1 mask="" name="pbbans" [09.05.2006 21:19:37] PB UCON Session #1 Opened [] type=1 name="pbbans"
  7. NYPDSwat

    cool deal Thanx :)
  8. Topic Title: Hub Game: AA Clantag; =VX9=
  9. Will be streaming through PBUCON in mear minutes here :)

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