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  1. Hi, I am Darkmyst, Clanleader from the SpiDarClan. I donated $30 to get in our pennies to keep PBBans going. If i see what is been banned and kicked out every day our server is running, no words are needed to tell how much we need you guys. At the moment we are a small clan, but without you we would be a great deal smaller. Who wants to play on a server where cheaters have a free ticket to play on.? Thanks for all the work and please keep on going. DarkMyst
  2. A player on our server was kicked during the game. he reconnected every time and was kicked again. Totally about four times. the message was admin decission. Only there was no admin at the server on that moment.?! I did copy a part of the logs to see if you guys can make something out of it. [02.26.2007 13:27:35] Master Query Sent to (MASTER4.EVENBALANCE.COM) [02.26.2007 13:27:36] Received Master Security Information [02.26.2007 13:28:02] Kick Command Issued ( [Admin Decision]) for (slot#11) ***********************************^2=GWA=^!^1Tele [02.26.2007 13:28:02]
  3. Found the problem after spitting through the etserverlog. The guy was using the same (visable) name but was using a different color code......for example........^5*..............^u*..........is giving exactly the same color but it is a different code. Is that the reason punkbuster could not kick him for namestealing.?? How can we prevent this and where do i find the guid from the players. I could not find it in the server log.??
  4. Hi guys, Is it possible that a player on a server is using someones name and is cursing or shouting under that name.? I.E. ..I am Darkmyst, i dont like a certain player .........let me see, called Spitfire, and I start to shout and curse people and use his name so everybody thinks He is doing it and not me. Is that possible and also if i am spectating a player, can he show up to me not under his real name, but someone else name.? And how and where can we check it out or find the logs. Thanks.
  5. Fozzer you old bloody sod.....................i added your cvars and bad names( are this the names people mostly call you in here.?) :o :P :P .......thanks for that. :lol: :D
  6. Thanks for all the work mate. Didn`t we had a bet running , and didn `t you put in 500 pounds? Was it about age and did you loose it.? Do you need my bank account number to send that money you own me.? I am older you know...... :lol: :P One thing i need to say fozzer and foxdie.................i did follow the rcon instructions for hubstreaming..........it did not create a pbsv.cfg.! I did do that with a command pb_sv_writecfg..it did create it in my wolfenstein etmain folder. I did load it up to the server in the pb folder and did make the uploads like the instructions told
  7. Sorry Fozzer, but like i said on the server.......i am a total noob. Just try to keep the server running with the knowledge i have and untill now it is going well, but if it comes to security i want the members and the guests on our server to be safe and having fun. I thought doing this was a good way, but i dont seem to get it. I am an old fart so be patient with me please.
  8. Did that and created pbsv.cfg ( must do something wrong, because following the instructions is not doing it.! ) did upload the commandline.....checked it with rcon pb_sv_uconlist and it came back with some info that did look correct to me. What more is there to do for me..............? Try to pm my password and login name? Tell me how and you get it. Tried to pm it , doesn`t work.
  9. did follow rcon, untill the point off pbsv.cfg.....can`t find the bloody thing like i told you and where must it be if i make it myself and what should be in there,only that load command?
  10. Can you tell me what i did wrong.......i only know couldnt find a pbsv.cfg....only a punkbuster.cfg and put the load line in there.
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