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  1. {C-K}ScreamingBB

    TO ALL!!!

    YES IT WARPED my mind too
  2. {C-K}ScreamingBB

    TO ALL!!!

    OOOHHH! thats not right!! lol take the glasses off lol
  3. {C-K}ScreamingBB

    TO ALL!!!

    lol get one for the little lady too
  4. {C-K}ScreamingBB

    TO ALL!!!

    I think you would look really hot in that Fozzer!!
  5. {C-K}ScreamingBB

    TO ALL!!!

    Are you proud of your clan-Team? Would you like to show it?? http://cafepress.com/ckstuff We are open and if you would like to see your caln tag or logo on any item we have, my e-mail is there,BE PROUD OF YOUR CLAN!!!! AND SHOW IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    got it thank ya bro
  7. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    I have the ok and have it installed but so far I have seen alott of md5 kicks to any one entering the server even myself-I dont know what to change to fix this,no bans from pb just md5's 6662 was one of the kicks from one admin on my server
  8. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    LOL for AAO I mean on your player's back have your clan tag there Iam sure you will have to give the file to your clan so they all can see it on eatch other but I was just wondering of anyone has had this ida
  9. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    http://forums.gameservers.com/viewtopic.php?t=17775 Anyone got the 2.8? this a link I receved from my server provider, I have down loaded it but have not installed it -wating on the OK from gameservers.com
  10. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    Has anyone or does anyone know anything about the ida of clan tags on uniforms?
  11. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    Streaming=pbbans<HOOAH!~and ACI HOOAH! would like to log foward to AON, what to do and how?
  12. {C-K}ScreamingBB

    log foward

    streaming =pbbans=ACI would like to request a log foward to AON
  13. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    kn it still shows me not streaming?? I had a full room yesterday but it show ed me not streaming.. also I would like to log forward to AON is it possable? can ya help out?? if you need my username and password for my ftp I trust ya ok?
  14. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    I should be streaming I had a full room AAO and it show'ed me not streaming? should be streaming and log forward from ACI at 6:30pm CT on 11.29.06 please check this???
  15. {C-K}ScreamingBB


    Iam streaming and log forwarding,would like to become more active on this site right now Iam limited on where I can go including chat room says my user name is invalid help?

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