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  1. Hi guys A BIG THANKS :D to you Fozzer, the install had generated a completely different CD Key to the one I had typed in. So I re-entered the CD Key that came with the game and checked the new GUID. Thankfully it was clean, I would never have thought of that! Thanks again :D :D :D
  2. Hi guys I've just purchased a copy of RTCW from Ebay, it was a private seller and not a retailer. I previosly owned the game back when it was released and fancied having another stab at it. It was brought mainly for the singleplayer game but I would like to play online from time to time. I installed the game today, set everything up and thought I'd have a quick go online. Unforunately, I found out I have brought a copy with a banned GUID/CD Key, One server did work but four others didn't, I was kicked for a prior ban/kick. I looked up the GUID on your list and it's there, several tim
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