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  1. Phenix

    Need to talk to an admin

    how can i prove you ? want to se my hard drive ? want to see my sof2 folder ? is it possible to speak in private ?
  2. Phenix

    Need to talk to an admin

    My IP is fix! if you want to check it np, i can connect in one week or in 2 weeks what ever you want the ip won't change.
  3. My name IG is .VolC+Phen!x, GUID: fffec5cb It seems that my key have been banned...why? i don't know! when i try to connect to a server the answer is mutihack. i don't even know what is it. And the IP banned isn't mine too, i'm using a fix ip so i can change it. So. can somebody explain my what going on ? (if posible in french, if not...i'll try to understand what you're saying). Thx

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