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  1. Mad-Man

    Great Work!!!

    I just wanted to add, given the theory that I may give out the information for the SGA to other people, allow me to give my input. I'm a grown man, in my 30's. I'm not the leader of the clan, not even a co leader. I was put in charge of "pb" by Conner who is a long time friend of mine, who is not on that list I might add, because he trusts me to make the right decisions. I am nothing more than a member and whatever feelings I have towards clan mates I have to keep seperate from the clan. I run the clan's website, I have two servers that I pay for and take care of, one of those servers furnished by Maester. And none of that info is in the hands of clan members but myself. I am in no way physically or mentally handicapped so the thought that I would give up that info to a clan member for any reason is a fallacy.. I am appauled at the fact that I'm even on this list through something I had no control over. But what's done is done in that respect. If I find one of my clan mates cheating, being I'm in charge of the cheater search, they are gone, no way around that. I will keep my clan cheat free whatever it takes. No comprimises there!!!
  2. Mad-Man

    Great Work!!!

    Thank you Grimace. That's the exact way that I feel about the situation. Again, I apologize if someone has been offended, but all we want is to be able to help stop the cheats. For me, nothing more, nothing less. Just a fair and honest server..
  3. Mad-Man

    Great Work!!!

    I understand what you mean in regards to that. But as far as the ban I have never gone by slinger. I have allways been Madman and that is a different guide than mine. I have allways used this guid as I've never even reinstalled the game. I just want to fix what I can fix. Is it possible for me to pm you? I understand the concerns you have.
  4. Mad-Man

    Great Work!!!

    Well Maydax, I mean no harm here, but I was not aware of these problems so the sarcasim in my opinion is unnecessary. Wich brings me to a point. I'm not asking for PB admin or anything like that. All I want is to have the server stream to pbbans to "catch" cheaters.. Like I said, I have never cheated and the "ban" that I have on me was stated as not verifiable. I also asked how I can fix the problems that we have here and have ben met with nothing but resistance. That makes no sense to me. If "we" all want to get rid of cheaters, then make it difficult to do that? Ex cheaters,?, Well, again I asked how I can get this info and again, met with resistance and sarcasm.. Not letting a person stream there servers because of an "ex" hack/cheater seems like an oxymoron to me. I apologize if I've offended someone but I'm just trying to find out how having high standards justifies keeping a server from being hack free.. Any one of you can feel free to enter our servers and watch, observe, run demo's. Any one of the clan members caught hacking is gone, no if's ands or but's.. I'm also sure that a few of the servers that are streaming have people associated whit bans, yes, I know but yet they still stream. That's all I can say.. Again I apologize if I've offended someone.
  5. Mad-Man

    Where can I look up this info on the players including myself? I have searched the PBBans Master Ban Index (MBI) and the PsB Master Ban Index (MBI) and I'm getting no where. Am I entering the info wrong? I'm using the 8 digit guids that you've posted and coming up with nothing. I myself have never cheated and as far as DtS, we just aquired there server and many of the players that are on that second list are no longer members. I have another server and I don't want this to end up being a huge problem. I was not aware of all of these problems because as stated above I saw nothing when I went through the guides. If nothing else, is it possible to get links to the bans stated above? I hope to get this problem resolved as soon as possible one way or another. Thanks for you time.
  6. HUB Game: SoF2 Clantag; <Insomnia Saints>
  7. Mad-Man

    Great Work!!!

    Allready workin on that now bro..
  8. Mad-Man

    Great Work!!!

    Hey everyone, I think that PBBans is doing a great job. I've applied for Game Server Admin status and I hope that soon I can help stop all the cheaters from ruining great games.. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents on how I felt about the folks here.

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