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  1. Guy0510


    I've given up on PB for this game. From what I've seen in game it isn't catching anyone. It just seems to be running and that is it. I don't think it is actually doing anything. But the real reason is Crysis runs way better for me in DX10 and 64 bit mode. The problem is PB doesn't have a 64 bit version. Why did Crytek choose Evanbalance?
  2. Guy0510


    It seems to kick back in when there are players on the server. I have the "hearbeat" command in my pbsv.cfg file but I don't think it is working....I guess time will tell.
  3. Guy0510


    You're telling me. It isn't streaming now. Wow, I don't know what to do. At least I know that all I've done is right. It must be the game. Let's hope a patch fixes this.
  4. Guy0510


    Woot! It is streaming. I didnt' do anything more. All of sudden it shows to be streamign in our account manager.
  5. Guy0510


    I have no idea what to do. I have got Rcon working on the server and the PBWebtool. I get the proper response from pb_sv_uconlist to say it is setup properly. But it is not streaming according to the server list in our account manager panel.
  6. Guy0510


    I don't use IRC and MSN for work only..How about xfire? My xfire is guy0510
  7. Guy0510


    I've got ours running with PB. What problems are you having?
  8. Guy0510


    Does anyone have a Crysis server streaming yet? I don't see any in the list and I can't get ours to stream.
  9. Guy0510

    Incorrect Aliases?

    There are two instances now (that I know of) where we have a hack caught on our servers and one of the aliases listed is a clan member. THIS IS FALSE. Is PB screwing up the aliases and taking incorrect slot numbers or something? We have the clan tags protected on our servers via punkbuster so that only registered members can use them. Other than bans, we also have plenty of cases where we have found our names being listed as aliases but they are not the actual player. I understand someone can smurf as others but I don't think it happens as often as the aliases would suggest. If I search my own name and tags I get something like 16 hits. I only have two GUIDS and I've had the same static IP for years so I know it is definitely not me.
  10. Guy0510

    Corrupt Module kicks

    We are streaming again.
  11. Guy0510

    Corrupt Module kicks

    Yes, we are running it and it is our only form of protection right now. Thank you, Sinew! The only complaints we get is the massive explosions at times and the machine gun pistols (LOL). The increased speed glitch is somewhat of an issue as well. Most do it without even knowing but I'm sure some are exploiting it. All in all I'd rather run with this patch then without it..that is for sure.
  12. Guy0510

    Corrupt Module kicks

    I hope they get this fixed soon. Our servers are not running PB at the moment and as a result they are not streaming. This sucks. I'm sure the hacking community knows and are having a field day.
  13. Guy0510

    PB Bug needs to be fixed

    Windows XP Pro fully updated. Most recent drivers off all hardware are installed.
  14. Guy0510

    Corrupt Module kicks

    I submitted a ticket and I hope the masses do too. This has be a train wreck of an update. I didn't ask to be a beta tester. :blink:
  15. Guy0510

    PB Bug needs to be fixed

    I'm getting frequent, "This program has performed an illegal operation.... for PBA". Fear stays open but it bring up my desktop to send the report to Microsoft. I've always closed FEAR after that 'cause I didn't want to take any chances.

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