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  1. Fozzer I am not a server admin myself although if you could tell me how one joins the streaming pb info to you guys I'd appreciate it, im sure there are SA's I know that would join this if they only knew how. Also on a side note, not that I care what people think about others because of the game version they play, I have been playing 2.6 and recently 2.6b twl for 3+ years, on beta and high beta teams taking on alpha teams before the split was made from beta and alpha twl to just one. I play 2.6 for twl and its competitive reasons, and I play 2.55 for its pub reasons. I don't understand you pe
  2. I'd have to agree with mr.buckly on the fact that 2.55 is a better place to run a server if you want to run an active constantly full server. As opposed to 2.6 that has thousands of servers and have no where near that many ever with a single player inside of them. Unfortunatly you face the issue of a less effective pb system. If there are any specific commands or settings a server admin can use to run pb to its maximum efficiency, or if there is anything else one can do to improve the performance of pb on 2.55 etpub servers or etpro, could someone please post them. I dont run servers myself bu
  3. Thank you very much for the quick and informative response. So basically I take it that the only thing a 2.55 server admin can do is either try to run etpro on their servers, (which usually doesnt work well on the 2.55 version) try to update pb as much as possible, or simply move to 2.6. I didn't exactly get the answer I wanted but I did get the explanation I wanted. I understand that PB only updates latest versions of games as it must be hard enough to constantly be updating the game for fixed versions let alone old buggy versions. Once again thank you for the response, happy holidays and me
  4. Hello PB Admins, Id appreciate it if you took the time to read what I have to say. I have been playing Enemy Territory on and off for 5 years now, both the 2.55(etpub) patch and the 2.6(etpro) patch. Although 2.55 is seen as the "noob" version of ET, it still holds a large community of gamers, who enjoy playing the game for fun and not so much for competitive reasons. And some of us are actually very skilled. Almost all of 2.55 knows each other, and we enjoy pubbing and scrimming together. The problem is that PB has not been updated on 2.55 servers for quite a long time. For a good while
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