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  1. (A.S.S)Banshee

    ~uXc~ Shotty's & Pistols Only!

    Fun server!!! Runs great, good pings!!! GG's the othernight :-)
  2. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Server Setup

    We use TCAdmin. Its a nice setup. I have all 1 click installs of patches, mods and Im working on map packs too :)
  3. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Server CoD4 Banned

    Your running 40 servers on 1 IP with just different ports?
  4. (A.S.S)Banshee

    B&N Game Servers

    Website is up all. www.bnservers.net check us out!!! :)
  5. (A.S.S)Banshee

    B&N Game Servers

    Hey All..(A.S.S)NEMO and Myself have started our own game server company..We offer Quality Servers at low prices..Our web site will be up soon so in the mean time here's our list of supported games we provide and prices..Also we are GAMERAIL enabled Server Location - Dallas, Texas Supported Games America's Army Battlefield 2 - Special Forces Battlefield 2 Non Ranked Call of Duty Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty: United Offensive COMMAND & CONQUER - Renegade C&C-Renegade Counterstrike Source 66 - 100 tick Day of Defeat Source F.E.A.R Half Life Half Life - Condition Zero Half Life - Counterstrike Half Life - Day of Defeat Half Life - Deathmatch Classic Half Life - Ricochet Half Life - Team Fortress Classic Half Life 2 Deathmatch Half Life TV Halo Medal of Honor - Allied Assault Medal of Honor - Spearhead NeverWinterNights Prey Quake 4 Ravenshield Red Orchestra SIN Star Wars: Jedi Academy The Ship Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2004 UT3 (when released) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Server setup - $15.00 1 time setup fee Slots - $1.00 per slot monthly 10 to 16 slots. Includes Control Panel (TCAdmin), FTP access, Guaranteed Uptime, Free Game Updates $2.00 per slot monthly 17 to 32 slots. Includes Controll Panel(TCAdmin), FTP access, Guaranteed Uptime, Free Game Updates UT2004 ONS,INVASION and F.E.A.R servers 17+ slots, Please ask for Quote Loaded With Maps UT2003,2004 - 25.00 1 time setup fee Kill Server Beyond repair? - Server Reinstall $20.00 per reinstall TeamSpeak Servers - Free setup, Control Panel (TCAdmin), All Codecs 10user $4.50 25user $10.50 50user $19.00 75user $27.00 100user $34.00 Just Contact (A.S.S)Banshee or (A.S.S)NEMO @ [email protected] *Prices are Subject to Change
  6. (A.S.S)Banshee

    PB Bug needs to be fixed

    Theres an easy fix...Reboot your machine after it kicks you...it will finish the install of the update and you shouldnt have anymore probs :D ....Hopefully
  7. (A.S.S)Banshee

    [F.E.A.R.] Unofficial Server-patch RELEASED!

    cool thanks :) .....and it was working for us..found the log this morning it caught a speedhack :) ...is there anyway to add these catches to PBBans???
  8. (A.S.S)Banshee

    [F.E.A.R.] Unofficial Server-patch RELEASED!

    Thanks...I followed the directions for both win and linux and neither of our servers are showing that tag..any ideas??
  9. (A.S.S)Banshee

    [F.E.A.R.] Unofficial Server-patch RELEASED!

    How can you tell if the patch is running??
  10. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Thanks To PBBans

    Ya..Im a tard...I seen that after I posted....
  11. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Thanks To PBBans

    Thats cool.....Is there any way you would share that?? and would it work on a nuke site????
  12. Whats the new Manage Greetings button for??? is it for in game messages??? if so, thats cool as hell :)
  13. (A.S.S)Banshee


    cool.. thanks guys :)
  14. (A.S.S)Banshee


    Anyone know how come in CoD2 you cant do simple pb commands like pb_plist??? it just allways types it in the chat window...Im wondering if its something I need to enable in our servers that I missed.
  15. (A.S.S)Banshee


    Client...so when Im playing in my server I can do the list or take a screenie or what ever...ya know?
  16. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    (A.S.S) we play F.E.A.R and soon will have CoD2 servers ID: 1 Clan tag (A.S.S) pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 (A.S.S)
  17. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Unreal Tournament 3

    Anyone know will UT3 have punkbuster???
  18. (A.S.S)Banshee

    New Website

    Hey All I started a new website now i just need to fill it up with posts.LOL...looking for moderators and all you pros with the nice tutorials..Help a brother out LOL..but really check it out and Im open for suggestions and Ideas. And Im learning phpbb as i go so it will get better (A.S.S)Clan Bans
  19. F.E.A.R HUB (A.S.S)
  20. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Oh..Ok....Cool Thanks :)
  21. Hello All, Could someone plz check to see if my servers are streaming correctly?? Because I was looking at some GUIDs of people in my server last night and when i searched them on PPBans it said last seen on JAN 10th and they were in the servers yesterday..Thanks :)
  22. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Server Streaming

    LOL...no just the top 3 F.E.A.R servers...So as long as it says that its streaming under my account info its working correctly?....Im just making sure I have everything setup right...I am having a problem with jPAT tho. I get an error "VFS: Unable to change directory :" I looked in the forums for that but couldmt find anything.. Any help would be great....Thanks In Advance :) :)
  23. (A.S.S)Banshee

    Server Streaming

    Cool...Thanks :)

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