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  1. They will need to be playing on a PBbans streaming server, hopefully it will pick up their cheats if not PBss or demo report submitted by server admin.
  2. How much disk space and bandwidth are you looking for?
  3. Another Call of Duty flop :)
  4. Which browser are you using? I had same issue with google chrome, tried with IE and firefox and worked fine.
  5. Do you have have access to server.cfg? I'm not familiar with 4netplayers but you should have some sort of access to setup your server config such as server name ect ect
  6. I'm downloading it now, said I wouldn't but after RO2 don't think could be any worse...I hope not anyway :P
  7. I am a: Pathetic raver fag who loves to corrupt lizards :( :lol:
  8. Its all working now:) The server didn't reboot after a nightly update
  9. Hello ClanRcon now finaly supports Cod:WaW! If you havnt heard of us you can read some information about us Here As alot of you are aware the support of Cod:WaW was late, due to the fact the tool is being rewrote with more functions ect. As this has taken longer then expected with RL comitments we still have alot to do with the new tool. However, we have added Cod:WaW support to the current tool for the time being so people who wish to add there Cod:WaW servers can. To sign your clan up simply click the link below Sign up here If you do find any problems then pl
  10. Sorry posting in old topic but just to say ClanRcon and Clancon are different, i think Clancon has closed but ClanRcon is still going and its free ;)
  11. Hello We made it so you have to login to view any part of the forum due to the mass spam that got posted on the forum, now it has calmed down we may remove it :) Also we have a new website in the works which will have tutorials screnshots etc.. The COD:WaW support is a little bit late due to RL commitments. What is also taking its time is were rewriting the tool to make it much easier for us to support more games, also the tool is having a nice fresh new design. We have a lot of new features to add to ClanRcon in the future but with the big update on the tool to make it ea
  12. If your after something so you dont have to give memmbers the rcon password but want them to have access over the server have a look at this link. http://forums.sosprojects.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=36 No installation is required.
  13. /pb_rcon g_gametype sd /pb_rcon map mp_creek I think you have to set wat rcon commands you want people to use into some sort of file, not sure tho been ages seen i used /pb_rcon EDIT: http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/co...ndex.htm#pbrcon
  14. Yeap i agree :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)
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